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First Generation RX-7 1978-1985

The first generation took the U.S by storm and well exceeded some American manufactured cars. In the 70ís Japanese automobiles were the craze, because they offered compact sports car with new body designs and different style engines, which quickly attracted American consumers. People had to be on waiting list just to receive their cars as they came off the boat they were the fortunate few to own them. It was fast and affordable.

In 1984 the Mazda received some huge performance changes in its last two years of production like widening the combustion chambers, which made more displacement, which meant more power. They increased the intake ports from 4 to 6 to let more fuel/air mixture into the chamber for more power. Mazda sold around 370,00 first generation RX-7ís.

S Model (Base)

GS Model


The P designates "production". Upgraded interior materials. Production changed October, 1979.


It appeared in August 1980. The rear and tail lights were redesigned eliminating the "Baroque depression". Front bumper, air dam changed. The Japanese variant had rotor inspired aluminum wheels.

GSL Model

This began in 1980 (part of P815 run) as the "Leather Sport", 2500 units, and became the GSL in 1981. In Canada, this was known as the GX.

Series II

In 1981 they were restyled, most visibly in the rear.


A stop-gap version appeared in July 1982, the P130, with an improved engine for better fuel economy. A high output audio system was an option. It was called "Black Dynamite".

P132 or GSL-SE Model 84-85

The SE saw the re-introduction of the 13B engine, last seen in the 1978 RX-4, but now rated at 135 bhp because of Dynamic Effect Intake (DEI), six port induction (2 by 3), and electronic fuel injection. In Japan, there was a P132 with a 12A turbocharged engine. Power steering was offered for the first time. The interior was upgraded, but this did not appear in the Japanese turbo version.

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Third Generation FD

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