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'Prepare Yourself......For Oblivion..'

 Oblivion Fact File
Name: Oblivion
Position: Alton Towers, X-sector
Type:B&M Drive Machine
Style:The end; oblivion
Top Speed:68mph
Rides per hour:1900 per hour (approx)8 seats per row
Extra:The worlds first B&M Drive Machine, All ride positions offer a front seat view

Ride Description
A scary ride designed to make your blood pump, again another worlds first designed by John Wardley and B&M. Oblivion is a new type of coaster a B&M drive machine. Positioned in the x-sector it is painted in orange and black. Oblivion is built to B&M standards but lacks in length, once hurtled over the edge of the drop you have had the ride. The ride is a great but was very expensive to make, just to design the cars cost a million!

 Other Facts
  • Air is the first B&M Drive Machine
  • Oblivion was been build and designed while air was in the pipeline people were told to expect a worlds first ride
  • Alton had a special contract with B&M for one year so alton was the only park in the world for one year to have a B&M drive machine
  • Most people always think that Oblivion was orange and black but actually before the X-sector was created Oblivion was black and grey
  • Oblivion's advertising was pulled off the air-waves for a last-minute change of plan. The adverts which started running on TV showed skydivers jumping from a plane, in essence telling viewers that Alton towers now had a similar experience. The advert was changed to a short five second clip. The new clip showed a zombiefied rider with orange eyes staring into nothingness before the ride throws the train down the drop with him on it. As this takes place, the Don't Look Down slogan is heard.

  • Ride Ratings
    Still a very smooth ride but sadly not actually vertical to stop problems with cars, the car first goes up the steep hill lift then slowly turns the corner then the car tips over the edge and stops. The speakers in the seats shout don't look down then the car is pushed over the edge. The ride is finally completed with a helix then into a set of brakes.

    Rating for the ride= 8/10
    Oblivion has been put in our X group, it is one of the best rides in the U.K.