This barbed wire creates so called "30 kms dead zone"

Wire goes only South-West from reactor. We are now 42 kms South-West from ground zero. It is probably the closest distance barbed wire goes from reactor.

North from the reactor is Belorussian dead zone where you will see only dead places on 90 kms from reactor. No wire there. On East there is no wire because there are radioactive Pripyat marshes on many kms.

Question: Why do they they call it 30 kms zone?

Every misleading doctrine -- if it is to be sustained and stand independently - is like a carefully crafted multi-layered cake made with layers of truth and lies. True facts are needed to give strength to the structure: otherwise, the cake will collapse like pure cream cheese. What is really interesting about Chernobyl is that in this cake there is not a single layer of truth. Every word the government tells about Chernobyl is a lie. Even the name "30 Kilometer Zone" is deceiving. We are left with only a puddle of liquefied cream cheese supported from all sides by a bad cook.


Here is more cooking from the same baker.

There are towns with no roads

but, also, there are roads with no town, like "Green Cape", the entire town is gone. It only exists de jure on road signs.


This is how it looks de facto..


When the Green Cape is pulled away, it is clear that the government did a lousy job. Here and there we see remains of a town, suddenly and swiftly abandoned. Visiting this place is like being at a crime scene where body of a victim was removed but some of body parts are still scattered around: here you see a limb, there are the teeth of victim. Blood spilled all over... like I said: they did lousy job. With the time they will make it clean, the true instrument of this crime will remain - the radiation.


Green Cape is an interesting place. You know it is here, but it is not really. There are roads, bushes, a lake.. but no buildings.


Photographing is difficult in this town, for there is nothing much to photograph .. I mean, only nothingness is left. So much emptiness builds up a creepy feeling, like something evil is hidden in this emptiness..

Nothing left to do but say amen to the Ghost Town that was formerly known as Green Cape. From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, isotope to isotope.. Amen.

P.S. I have video of Green Cape from some of my motorcycle rides in 1998. If someone wondering how this town looked, you can see it at the beginning of this video

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