Chernobyl journal (Volume6)
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Eternal optimist

With nuclear poisoning by the time anyone realises the damage it is already too late and they are mostly dying. It's like we're not dead, we're not dead, we're not dead, and then suddenly there are many people dead! Those who still alive know that it's not matter what they think or say now. It's too late.


With atomic accidents what is luck for some is disaster for others. Offshore wind in a first weeks of Fukushima nuclear melt through has taken huge amounts of radioactive particles towards American coast. We can say Tepco was lucky because in case if all those radioactive clouds would go onshore Tepco would have real hard time with raising radiation limits up hundreds times more to make Japanese people safe again.

Silentium livoris (Malicious silence)

In fight of pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear groups I was never taking any side as I always thought it was too much politics and money on one side and too much doom and gloom hysteria on the other. Right after Fukushima reactors went into the air it must be clear for everyone that this is no longer must be a business of just pro and anti nuclear groups, it must be everyone business. On stake is survival of our species no more no less. The whole paradigm of pro and anti nuclear people having debate is in a past. Maybe the reason we have this Fukushima media blackout is because there is nothing pro nuclear professionals can say without making people laugh or making people angry.

P.S. Silentium livoris is a special kind of silence described by Seneca where something is ignored and truth suppressed by leading and influential elitists.

Russian roulette

Cancer hospitals in Kiev so overcrowded that I can't help to think it's russian roulette we all playing now. The closer you live to reactor the more bullets you have in you gun.


Maybe this shameful Fukushima coverage is just elaborate acting of main stream media to prepare us for what has already happened? They like this doctor who didn't dare to tell recently awaken patient about lost limb and we are like this patient who shortly after amputation still can feel his limb.

To illustrate what I mean let me tell you a story. Few years ago I went with a friend of mine to one of ghost towns of Chernobyl to bring some aid to half dozen locals still living in a town. An old man former carpenter whom we stayed at wanted to give us a tour around his town so we went for a car tour. Pointing at half decayed structures old man says- that is marriage registration bureau where I married my wife... look, on the right is restaurant where we were having wedding party. On the left is hospital where I built all doors and windows... old man continues telling us about fountains and friend of mine whispers on my ear- I don't see any fountains or restaurants, all I see is ruins. This city as dead as a Pharaoh Rameses II. Local man tells us about factories and bakery and that he believe people will return to this city and will rebuild it. To him past looks bright and future looks bright and the present is just a temporary embarrassment.


Today I've been reading on the news Tepco president told journalists that Fukushima was a warning to the world.... the rest of interview was just useless verbosity not worth time. I personally don't think Fukushima is the warning. Our lesson should have been learned in April 1986. The rate of failure of atomic plants is clear and goes from bad to worse. If no action taken then in the future this failure rate will only worsen for many different reasons. If they can't fix this on height of scientific and industrial progress then in a few decades or centuries there will be many melted down and melted through coriums spread about the planet.. there won't be enough resources and won't be many physically able humans left to worry about fixing them either.. will they still call nuclear accidents a warning to the world?


I told already that in Ukrainian "Cherno" means black and "byl" means pain (description for cancer.) Outbreak of cancer we have this days seems to be similar to the pestilence to the Middle Ages. In 14 century when Black Death swept through Europe it killed hundred or two hundred millions of people. People blamed witches, whores, heretics even black cats.. sometimes would burn them alive on fire. At the time they toasted, "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow, we die." This days we know it isn't fault of witches or whores or cats. It is greed and stupidity of the men at high places that make this old toast again appropriate.


Saw in the news today that something very odd is happening in Pacific; Sea creatures acting strangely, species turning up where rarely seen. Unprecedented concentration of sea creatures near shore in California.. etc, etc. Well, it look like marine life moving away or fleeing from something that's potentially life threatening to them while people will populate contaminated cities until they die away. In this situation we humans appears to be dumber than fishes.. It's because sea creatures follow their natural self preservation instinct and we humans choose to follow our leaders...

Celibacy syndrome

The Guardian published article "Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex". Interesting statistics. It says today 45% of Japanese women aged 16-24 are ‘not interested in or despise sexual contact’ I believe if there was such statistics for each prefecture, then we would learn how nuclear fallout kill sexual appetite. When radioactive particles in the air those who welcome sexual contact will pay dearly. That year most of the children born in Kiev were dead or they were very sick. It was generation of goners.

They often compare Chernobyl with war, but at war there was so many love stories. With life in danger soldiers tried to pass their genes into the future while Chernobyl didn't produce any single romantic or love story that I know of and I doubt Fukushima will ever produce one.

Due to pro-nuclear propaganda people may not know what danger they facing when they get pregnant in time of fallout but human body knows it. It knows when there is danger of passing a wrecked genome and in order to protect human race from degeneration nature equipped humans with some sort of receptors which detect radiation and if levels present danger then sexual instincts being blocked, replicating abilities restricted and if damage to genome is done than total sterilization. I think it is just amazing how merciless our creator to all evolutionary failures.


Click here to see the map that represents the mandatory and voluntary evacuation zone radiation level from Chernobyl, applied to the fallout across Japan from Fukushima. The purple is the mandatory levels, the green voluntary. I found this map on the web. I compared it with many other maps it's pretty accurate.

Look at this map and look at photos on my website and you'll need no crystal ball to see the future of areas marked in purple and green. What make it even more complicated than Chernobyl is that Fukushima atomic plant emit billions of curies day and night which lands on land and in ocean, the levels of radiation keep growing steadily. Tokyo will host Olympics in 2020 but I am afraid if things will continue in this manner than tens of millions residents living in the area 200 kms around Fukushima will be nothing but guinea pigs for the scientific community to examine and see if they will survive until 2020. I don't know if there will be Olympics or not, I just know the Olympics won't be happy and cheerful. It will be like wedding in the mourning house.


Japan enacts state secrets law so now whistleblowers and journalists can find themselves facing long spells in prison for providing public with true information about Fukushima nuclear accident. They define it as imposing one’s opinions on others... they call it a terrorism.

To those who followed this from the beginning I want to say, you have been having a front row seat to most tragic show on earth, the democratic, demographic and environmental collapse of a once powerful country. It took less than 3 years for Japanese democratic foundations to fall to the level of third world countries.. and this is only beginning of a tale where people can only say, it is bad today and will be worse tomorrow until the worse of all.

This all make Japan a ground zero for the nuclear industry and their war against all forms of life on earth.

No mention of this in world mainstream media. They only talk about death of Nelson Mandela who died recently. Mandela is great man no doubt, but they should at least mention the death of democracy in Japan.




There are similarities between collectors of scrap metal in Chernobyl and 19th century Klondike Gold Rush miners in Alaska. They were the same type of men. From literature, we know Alaskan gold miners were often goal-oriented, brutal drunks. The only difference is that in Alaska they were killing each other for gold, but in Chernobyl it is "gold" that kills them. Fool's gold!

Excerpt from regular report on present situation in Ukraine from November 14, 2014

To explain how corrupt Ukraine is let me drive one example from my own life. It was few years ago, me, my friend from Switzerland and her boy friend went to Chernobyl area. Of course we didn't have permission so we had to bypass checkpoints. We were driving car and then all of a sudden police stop us. I told I will do the talking and asked friends to keep silent otherwise police charge arm and leg, especially if they see Swiss people in a car travel illegally though Chernobyl. We were ready to part with $100 bill when miracle happened, police officer came to us and said- go, go, go, go. Me and friends figured out there must be bigger fish around if police let us go without even try to take our money. In Ukraine if police do not take you money it's only because he is busy at the moment with taking some bigger bribe.... That's the rule, not exaggeration or anything. As only officer said go, go, go we saw big truck passing by. Police was obviously protecting them and showing direction. Probably they were engaged in illegal burring of nuclear waste materials. This is million dollars business... Who need you hundred dollars bill?

Another anniversary of Fukushima

Another anniversary just passed uneventfully as if nothing ever happened in Japan. Only news that coming from Fuku were about radioactive water leaks. This news seems approved by governments controlled media. They make it sound like they failed to filter out some water and so leaks occurred. They want us to believe that filtering out a few elements makes the filtered water safe. The truth is that they probably only filter less than 1% of the water that is bleeding through, over, or under the deadly complex. More than 99% of the water makes it to the ocean harbor … day after day. Millions of tons. A deadly flow that never stops. I doubt it will ever be stopped by humans.


Today for a first time Tepco admitted that fuel is no longer in the reactor. Took them 4 years to release this important bit of information. Question now, if fuel not in reactor where is it? I guess to have this answered prepare to wait for another 4 years.


In the end of 2015 a big meeting in Paris took place. World powers have agreed to act on global warming issue.. this will require tens of new nuclear reactors built every year for years to come.... It's amazing how many people now support atomic technologies for they believe nuclear power became a lesser evil. Everyone who does it shall not forget words Baltasar Gracian said several centuries ago 'Never open the door to a lesser evil, for other and greater ones invariably slink in after it.


Statistically, major nuclear accidents should be happening at least every seven years. If there are no accidents for 25 years, (the interval between Chernobyl and Fukushima) then at least several more nuclear disasters are now past due. Wait for them to start falling like evil rain. There is Spanish proverb "What does not happen in a year may happen in a moment." When will be yours nuclear moment?

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