Consumed Land

There are nine hundred unmarked burial sites of radioactive waste materials in the Chernobyl area and no one knows where all of them are. The people who buried them are now buried themselves- may they rest in peace, for we the living can not. Those burials make the desert of atomic wasteland, where radiation still measured in milliroentgens.

These are radioactive technics as far as the eye can see. They are a type of army truck. Most of these vehicles were full of troops on that days.

How many people died of radiation? No one knows - not even approximately. The officials still keep the death toll at 31 people, while unofficial sources already put the figure of 300,000 and sometimes over 400,000.

The final toll will not be known in our lifetime, and not in our childrens either.

It is easier to calculate material loses. It was a crippling economic catastrophe for the region - from which it may never recover.

Click here to watch YouTube video of this place which I filmed in 2002.

If you want to see how this place looks now, click here to watch video from copter. My daughter filmed it in 2017

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