Photos from unofficial sources


Must be one of those magical things from the Red Forest.


Farmers in some polluted villages report of calves being born with four horns, of piglets with eyes the size of watermelons.

I don't know how reliable this info is, but if I happen to pass through those villages, I will make sure the batteries in my camera are fully charged.



The most tragic part of this story is the kids of Chernobyl.

There are lot of such photos appear in a papers and shown on TV. Some say, they are kids of Chernobyl, others say, we had such kids before accident, they might be kids of drug takers or alcoholics which are plentiful here.

We have lack of information about human casualties, officials deny any. Lack of true information breeds rumors, mistrust and panic.

I myself believe that mutations are very rare exceptions. In order to protect the human race from degeneration nature equipped us with some sort of defence mechanism. When radiation makes damage to the genome than total sterilization goes first. Another matter is pregnancy in time of fallout. Pregnant women from Pripyat were forced for abortion in 1986.

One close relative of mine gave birth to a mutated boy that year. It wasn't smart of her to bring deformed child into the world where strong and healthy have a very hard time.. but at least the boy was smart, so he departed this world soon after arrival.

Below is video "Chernobyl Mutants" If our English is a problem click here to download text for this video.

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