Vilcha. We are at a railway station, in Vilcha. Last passanger train went through this station some 18 years ago. Since then only freight trains from the nuclear plant rumble through here.

Vilcha was the fourth biggest place in Chernobyl area. It is located on the border between Ukraine and Belorussia. The places where radiation is higher then in surrounding areas are called a hotspots. Here, the level of radioactive isotopes of cesium measured 60 curie/ square km, which indicate that we got on a hotspot. Town is radiactive and no one lives here since 1986.

Here is my ninja, looking at the windows of some empty school.

When you travel through the deserted place at night, then the beam of you motorbike is only lamp that shinning in the whole town. It goes through the frameless doors and windows like an x-ray. At night you see more then you see in the day.

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