They call it a town where time stands still. Maybe it's because the clocks here don't measure time...they measure radiation levels.


There is no phone service. Cellular phones don't work either.


It is how all telephones look in this town.


Inside of this claw Radiation measured tens of milliroentgens.

Radiation damage to our bodies is accumulative, so everyone who explore Chernobyl starts spending unrenewable health capital that nature provided us for whole lives. Without proper knowledge and protection, folks who visit Chernobyl to explore some few of its dangerous places are squandering precious genetic inheritance.

To make easier to understand how it works, imagine someone inherited money from family and foolishly began partying away this inheritance. One can go to less expensive places and stretch this money for years, or one can go to expensive ones and spend this windfall pretty fast.


This place in Pripyat called Sand Plateau. Around a hundred burials of radioactive materials located in this field. Just walking though it produces quite an expensive bill.


Jupiter factory basement visit would eat up a good deal of this capital. Radiation there is couple hundred milliroentgens which is 20,000 times the average radiation of typical city. Finally, there remains the ever-deadly reactor ...a place where one can blow all grandpas cash at just one place.


This bridge provided a good view of the gaping crack in the nuclear containment vessel caused by the explosion. Curious people that came here the day after the accident to have a look at the rupture were bathed in a flood of deadly x-rays emanating directly from the glowing nuclear core.

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