Dog guarding it's home forever

This dog is like the Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who -- during the eruption of Vesuvius -- died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. Chernobyl has taken from this dog everything -- it's food, it's family, it's life. But even in death, honor is one thing that cannot be taken from this faithful guardian.

It is safe to be out in the open air in Ghost Town. It is inside the houses where the real danger lies.

Most of hot particles from the reactor core outside have diluted in the atmosphere, but In homes which windows were opened first days after the accident those particles still there.

All doors are open. Through the door is a distant echo of what life was like here.

New Beginning.

Children had to part with their favourite toys. People had to leave everything, from pets and photos of their grandparents to cars. Incredibly, people had homes, garages, cars, country houses, they had money, friends, relatives cats and dogs. People had their lives. Each in own niche. And then in a matter of hours, their entire world fell to pieces.

After a few hours trip in an army vehicle, they stood under a shower, washing away radiation. Then they stepped in a new life, naked with no home, no friends, no dogs, no money, no past and with a very doubtful future.

Photo of evacuation. Spring, 1986.

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