This is the final checkpoint. Protective radiation suits, a special permission are required beyond this point......I am not that curious.

Our Pyramids

The sarcophagus will remain radioactive for at least 100.000 years. The age for the pyramids of Egypt is 5,000 to 6,000 years. Each cultural epoch left something to humanity, something immortal, like Judaic epoch left us Bible, Greek culture- philosophy, Romans contributed law and we are leaving Sarcophagus, the construction that going to outlive all other signs of our epoch and may last longer then pyramids.

When we visit the pyramids of Egypt, we are in awe, we admire them, but I don't think someone in a distant future will ever admire our pyramids.., neither they will thank us for leaving them.

Ghost Town- Pripyat

With a 4 kilometer leap, we are at the gates of the Ghost Town. It was founded in 1970 and located 4 kms North of the reactor. 48,000 people lived here and loved their town. In 1986, it was a modern, green and cozy place to live.

This town might be an attractive place for tourists. Some tourists companies have been trying to arrange tours in this town, but the first group of tourists found the silence unnerving and downright SPOOKY. And it is. The silence here is deafening.

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