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Wash & Alice Beechboard
Tilda (Beechboard)and Bennie Dean
Lou Dean
Ruth Dean
Jasper Tom Dean
Sam and Willis Beachboard
Sarah (Beechboard)Roark
Bob Roark
Cordia (Goolsby) Beechboard
Ozina M. Hix
Benny Mack Hix
Larry Bruce Hix
Roy & Roland Hix - Twins
William H. (Billy) Hix
L.B. Goolsby
Cloystine Carmack Daughter of Alex & Dora Mae Carmack
Dora(Wife), Alex(Husband) & Oline Carmack(Wife)
Alex & Oline Carmack
John & Nancy Lynn
Baby of John & Nancy Lynn
Baby of John & Nancy Lynn
James & Cordie McGee
More Flynn Cemetery Pictures
My Family Tree At Rootsweb

The picture at the top of the page is a picture of my grandmother's stone, "Ova Barnes". She was the daughter of Doxie Lee Hammock and Rilla Avie Stacy. She is buried in the Lynn Cemetery in Jackson County, TN. She died 17 years before I was ever born. The photos and the family tree are done in loving memory of the grandmother and her family that I never got a chance to know, and in loving memory of the grannie that was there for me throughout my life and will always be, Sarah Erma Lynn Beechboard, daughter of William Harvey Lynn and Liddia P. Moss. These photos are posted here freely. They were taken freely by me, and are to be shared freely. Under no conditions are these photos to be sold in any way, shape or form! All photos were taken on June 9, 2003 with a Sharp Digital Viewcam. Flynn Cemetery is located on Sugar Creek Road in Jackson County, Tennessee. Old Antioch Cemetery is located on Old Antioch Road in Jackson County, TN. I would like to say "THANK YOU" to the mailing list at for making it possible for me to find this cemetery!!! Lisa Ann Beechboard