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Here's some hints and tips and FF7 hints and tips for other FF games comin soon 99 items: for this you need 2 of the item you want to make unlimited of and W-ITEM materia. start a battle and get i character which is equipped with W-ITEM and then press O. then pick the item you wanna have more of (for example potion). select potion and give it to someone then select it again and before you give it to the character press X and you'll find that it goes up by 1 repect this and you'll get 99 of the item._________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is a great way to have some serious fun with the game.... Max out your attributes. After you have gone to the Temple of the Ancients, you should've gotten the Morph Materia. If you Didn't get it....then......ummm. Below I've made a list on where to find the items and what monsters have them. POWER SOURCE: (Heavy Tank) Anyway, your first target would be at Gagongaga Villiage... (I guess the spelling is somewhat close enough)... Here you will go to the destroyed reactor. Remember those retarded looking dinosaur tank things? Well, They're called Heavy Tanks and they can be morphed into Power Sources. If you want to try it at a low level..... I suggest equipping the Morph Materia with Cloud, And equip your other two members with Earth Materia. Depending on your level, it should take one Quake2 and about 2 morph attacks. Keep this up and whenever you get power sources, give them to the person who is morphing, it'll speed up the process. LUCK SOURCE: (Bad Rap) You will have to wait untill the mission at the underwater reactor when you are pursuing the huge materia. As soon as you get the Shinra Sub, head towards the Gold Saucer area, then submerge. Search the underwater for a sunken Shinra plane (but please avoid Emerald Weapon - the giant thing swiming through the water.) If you are in mid-game and challenge him, its time to say good bye...... Anyway, when you find the sunken plane, go in.....check the treasure chest.... you'll find an awesome sword for Cloud. Next, enter the door on the left side of the screen, you'll have to fight the Turks (if you haven't been here yet).... For this battle, basically protect yourself from confuse. Equip ribbons, mystify+Added Effect.... As long as you are immune to confuse, you're alright. In this battle, make sure you steal from the Turks.... you will get a Touph Ring which raises Spirit and Vitality +50.... And some totally wicked Armor with 100 def. (note: From here on out, everytime you fight the Turks, steal from them..... you'll get more of these). After defeating them, stay in this room, you'll encounter monsters called "Bad Rap" They usually show up in pairs of four..... Even better! Make sure you have Gravity Materia with Demi-3 ability. Use demi on them to weaken them (they each have 9,999HP, but are very weak when it comes to attacking), then simply morph attack them until you get 'em all. With the previous power sources you got, morphing should NOT be a problem..... SPEED SOURCE: (Poodlers) Actually, stay in the same room you were fighting the Bad Raps, as the monsters who carry Speed Sources are here as well. They are called "Poodlers" and look like snails. They also have loads of HP, so the same tactics would apply here also. MIND SOURCE: (Serpent) Yet again, no need to go anywhere, stil in the room with the Poodlers and Bad Raps? Good. Go in the door straight ahead. Here you should find (they are a little harder to encounter) a larger Dragon looking creature... simply called a "Serpent". First just cast magic barrier on all and attack a couple of times with Bolt2, you could try a couple of Bolt3's, be carefull these are too damn hard to find.... well, not hard to find..... just harder to encounter. It'll make this process take five years. Then just morph attack until you get him.....mind sources...... MAGIC SOURCE: (Unknown 3) You can also find Magic Sources in here, as well as power sources, but heavy tanks are more reliable.... Anyway, look for a really gay looking, flying thing.... called "Unknown 3" . These guys aren't tough, you should be fine. GUARD SOURCE: (Bagnadrana) Now, finally, go to the Mako Reactor at Corel (the town where Barret's from... You pass this town to reach Gold Saucer) Head up the railroad tracks until the reactor is in sight. Now, you'll begin to encounter another dinosaur looking monster called a "Bagnadrana". These things are weak. But if you want to have fun, they are extremely weak against ice. to kill them....duh....morph them... Well, that should do it, for now. I'll put some more up later. Hope this helps.... good luck and have fun.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The green thing under water is called Emerald weapon and you take Buganhagan to the Acient Forest. My Notes on beating emerald 1. Equip each player with no more than 7 materia. 2. Make sure your hp is atleast 7778 and you have a lot of MP. 3. Master Mime twice to get three. 4. Get KOR (Knights Of the Round). 5. Have Cure Materia Lv 4+ linked with all. 6. Have Gravity linked with w-magic and quadra magic and all this will deal 9999 damage to Emerald 8 times. 7. Have clouds last limit then enter the fight. 8. Start by casting regen (if you have it) or if not cast KOR then mime it. 9. Don't worry about Air-Tam Storm (spell it backwards maT-riA as in Materia, this means if you have 1 materia this attack will do 1111HP 3 materia this attack will do 3333HP and 9+ materia this attack will do 9999HP. You lose 1111HPfor each materia you have equiped. 10. WIN ***NOTE : Emerald has 1,000,000 HP and ????MP*** 11. 10 KOR will kill him (if you have it on w-summon then you will cast it 2 for the price of 1, then mime it four more times) KOR does 9,999 DMG per attack and it attacks 13 times so thats 9999 x 13 = 129,987 and Omni-Slash does 9,999 DMG per attack 18 times 9999 x 18 = 179,982 thats 49,995 DMG more Limit Trick Use your limit as cloud after having cast regen then continually mime it (use OS after Regen). Join the FF land fan club

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