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Where to find the different types of chocobo I have decided to include a list of where to find the different chocobos, so here it is: Wonderful - Icicle Inn Area Great - Mideel Area Good - Gold Saucer Area Fair - Junon Area, Wutai Area, Mideel Area Average - Wutai Area, Gold Saucer Area Mediocre - Rocket Town Area Poor - Chocobo Ranch Area, Junon Area Weak - Chocobo Ranch Area, Icicle Inn Area Here's the best place to go for chocobo breeding tips, cuz all the other walkthroughs for this process are too confusing or complicated. Ten easy steps to get the revered Gold Chocobo. 1. Chocobo breeding is best done on the third disk because there is no plot in the way. Go to the chocobo farm and buy 6 chocobo stables for 10 000 gil a piece. Obviously you need a chocobo lure materia to catch the birds. If you amassed a ton of money then stock up on sylki greens, get them from the chocobo sage in the icicle area. 2. Go to the chocobo tracks in Mideel and catch at least 4 chocobos. Click here to see the Mideel tracks. 3. Check back at the farm and look at the chocobos you just caught, Choco Billy will tell you. You need two great chocobos(opposite gender) and two good chocobos(opposite gender). If you did not catch these then retry. 4. Once you have the desired Chocobos then go to the grassy area in the Icicle area and fight a red dinosaur, click here to see it. Steal a carob nut off the monster. Repeat so you have 3 carob nuts. Go back to the farm and mate a good male chocobo and a great female chocobo with a carob nut. You should get either a blue chocobo or a green chocobo. If not then retry. Now mate your good female and great male. You should get the opposite color of what you have now, e.g. if you have a blue male chocobo then you should get a green female chocobo. Blue chocobo, can travel through shallow water. Green chocobo, can travel over mountains. TIP: It's best if you identify the type and gender of your chocobo in it's name. For example, Blue male=BlueM 5. Here's the fun part: Chocobo racing! Pump the ever-expensive sylki greens into your chocobos, it will pay off. They will gain extensive intelligence, stamina and speed. Usually 15-20 sylkis per chocobo is enough. Go to the Gold Saucer and talk to Esther, who helped you escape Corel Prison. She will ask you which chocobo to be registered in racing and which course to run. Your chocobos start at C class and your goal is to get them to S class, the highest rank. -Tips for Chocobo Racing- -before racing compare your chocobo's stats with your opponents', getting an idea of your outcome. -use a boost of speed just as the race starts, then slow down a bit. At the end stretch of the race, burn the track with a big boost of energy -occasionally you race a superior black rider called Teioh. No matter what, he's always statistically better than you. It takes strategy to beat this guy. 6. After racing blue and green chocobos to S class, mate them with the carob nut. You should get a black chocobo, if not then try again. Empty the useless chocobos out of your stable. Black chocobo, a combination of blue and green characteristics 7. Replenish your supply of sylki greens. Feed about 20 of them into your black chocobo, then race it to S class. 8. Go to an island slightly northeast of the chocobo farm, called Goblin Island. Fight the goblins with boxing gloves and steal or defeat the goblins to get the zeio nut. 9. Go to the chocobo tracks in the Icicle area. Catch at least two chocobos. You need a wonderful chocobo with opposite gender of your black chocobo. Once you have obtained a wonderful chocobo then feed it and race it to S-class. Mate the black chocobo and wonderful chocobo with the zeio nut. Anything but a bright gold chocobo is a failure. 10. Congratulations! Now you have a gold chocobo! Gold Chocobo, can travel anywhere. Gold Chocobos can go ANYWHERE in the world. Use this to your advantage and go to the materia caves. Join the FF land fan club

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