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In October 1996 Betty Pariso won the NPC and became the first woman in history at age 40 to earn her IBFF International Pro Status.She is now one of the top Bodybuilders in the world today.

Betty owns and operates an industrial equipment & parts distributions company.She is also owner and promoter of the southwest USA Health & Fitness Expo.

Betty is married to Ed Pariso and the mother of a 19 year old Daughter ( Lacy ) and a 16 year old son ( Justin ).

She DOES NOT do muscle worship, or wrestle sessions. When the contest is over Betty is back to being a wife, mother and back to running her business.

The fans of the sport tend to be very loyal and very supportive. Female bodybuilding will never be and is not intended to be a general public accepted sport, which is okay.

Betty says " I like a sport that very few people can do, that is what makes it attractive to me.  I'm a very proud to be a pro in the IFBB and involved in a sport with so many outstanding woman. I thank all of the fans for your kind words and support. "

Betty's immediate goal is to win a pro-show, she has placed 2nd in her last event and feels that she is very close to achieving this goal. Betty's long term goal, which is only about years away, is to be the first woman in history to win a pro show at the age of 50. She  competes only for the fun of competition, and as an athlete she likes to see changes and the ability to get better.