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WinBolo Downloads

Please select a file below to download. All these files are related to WinBolo.
(You may find the latest downloads at or if it is not available here. This is simply a mirror, which may become outdated.)

WinBolo Versions
NOTE: Angelfire decided to not allow downloads of *.exe files anymore (although they allow uploads of *.exe files?). All files under WinBolo versions will not work. I could throw them in a zip/rar or rename the extension (probably not the best idea) but it would be easier to use an already existing site to download such as,, However, I'll leave these links up for kicks. All downloads not in this category will work, however.

WinBolo 1.15 (1.36 MB)
WinBolo 1.14 (1.19 MB)
WinBolo 1.13 (1.13 MB)
WinBolo 1.12 (1.12 MB)

LinBolo Versions
LinBolo 1.13 (901k)

WinBolo Map Editors
Bolo Reich (251k)

Ryan2 Autopilot Version 2.4.3 (72k)
Ryan2 Autopilot V.2 (70k)

Grey WinBolo(v1.10) (173k)
(Note that the skin above is an editted version of WinBolo 1.10 when skins were normally umavailable to easily create and apply. Please go here for skins you can use on WinBolo 1.14 and higher.)

This page was last updated September 18th, 2006. Future updates may be slim or non-existent.

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