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Si's Tunes '01 - '05

My Tunes

*Zombie Nation Kazoo Remix - you thought the original was annoying, wait till you hear this!
*you thought the Zombie Nation Remix was annoying, wait till you hear this!
*Emlyn's Gay - a song about my friend Emlyn being gay (he's not really, its just a joke, ok?)
*Kieran Song - a song about our friend Kieran and how he comes from the jungle. You may not know who the hell he is, but get it anyway - its compulsive listening
*House Remix of the Magic Roundabout theme tune - speaks for itself
*Has someone pissed you off? Need to send them something to let them know how you feel? Then you need this song!
*Vocal Trance - a trance tune made using only my voice
*The Pumping Sound - a crappy Europop song made by Ed and I, lyrics put into a german translator, then back through the english translator.
*The Poo Song - a song about poo
*The Geek Song - a video about geeks, featuring Matt and I (we don't always look like this)
*Stick man fun!
*Piss take of commercial hip hop (Explicit Lyrics Beeatch!) - down at the moment
*My tribute to Freud, who in a moment of genius chose to call the penis a widdler
*Introducing Barfo
*Another Barfo Adventure
*A house reworking of that christmas classic
*A tune I made for Matt's 18th Birthday
*Spazzy Lewis

I don't know if anyone still checks this site, but basically I'm not going to update it any more. is where it's at.