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July 27,2003: Tam Tam's Third update today. Please tell us what you think about it.

June 12, 2003: Tam Tam SND Updated.

June 11, 2003: Tam Tam UPDATED Today, enjoy... :)

May 25, 2003: Today is the SlaughterHouse grand opening, to offer high quality Mugen Chars.

May: 25,2003: Tam Tam released today. Even he is a beta version he is a great char. Deserves to be downloaded.



This time Tam Tam's files are in .RAR archives. I hope that doesn't bother Tam Tam's fan's. By the way, thanks to everyone who uses and abuses tam tam. If you want to host my boy please notify me. (I hope he wins something)

God bless, IRONHEAD

This site is still under construction.
Soon we´ll be uploading a second character, supporting the Mugen Community.

For all you Mugen Fans who like the Samurai Shodown series...

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Ironhead: Hearing this, the hunter
armed with bow and arrow said
"I will kill the lizard"
but upon meeting his opponent,
he held back, taunting,
"Whose afraid of a reptile?"
At this, the furious lizard
"I'll swallow you up
in a single bite!"
The huge creature
attacked, jaws open wide.
This was what the man wanted.
Calmly drawing his bow,
he shot
into the lizards gaping mouth.
Effortlessly, the arrow flew,
piercing the defenceless maw,
and the lizard fell down dead.

Leonard Rhines
"The monster Lurks"


Have a nice day (raiden's mk1 quote)