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Welcome to Dale Jr's Diva!!!  This site was made for all of you Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans!!  This site is made by me Stephanie and I am a huge Dale Jr. fan!  I am the diva that created this web site!!!  If you have any questions about this web page please email me and let me know!

November 21st

Farewell to all my Dale Jr. Diva fans!

I hate to say goodbye, but my life is completley different from 9 years ago when I started this site.  I had so much fun meeting Jr. fans that came to the Nascar store I worked at for 5 years thanks for all the great complements. I will always cherish them and will never forget.  I will keep the site up for anyone that wants to look back at old slideshows and videos I have made about Dale Jr. over the years.  And who knows maybe I'll come back when I get more time.  My current job wears me out and I have no time to keep up with this site.  I will continue to be Jr's number 1 fan and pray things will turn around for him in 2011.   We all know 2010 was a complete diaster and Jr. deserves a better team than he has now!!!&nsbp; I love you all and wish you all the best in your futures. And thank you Dale Earnhardt Jr. for letting me follow you and make this great site about you it's been a blast!

Goodbye Dale Jr. fans!
Stephanie (webmaster)

* Dale Jr. struggles all weekend and finishes the last race of 2010 27th.  Jr's teammate Jimmie Johnson wins his 5th strait title in Homestead can you say boo I can BOOOOO!!!
Race results Homestead!

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Voting has started so vote him to victory yet again this year!

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Hey guys it's Stephanie, and all good things come to a end the 2010 Nascar season, and this web site.  I want to wish you all of you luck and happiness and hope you all have Happy Holidays!

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Current Sprint Cup Point Standings for 2010!

  Current Point Standings for 2010!

Jr's past point standings from 2000 though 2009!

* Jr's win in the Nationwide race in Daytona was a very emotional one.  This video goes over this great win!

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Dale Jr's ESPN tv show Shifting Gears is now on DVD!

The first season of Back in the Day on DVD!

Jr's DVD order your copy now!! 

Jr's book about his rookie season 
Is out on newstands and bookstores everywhere!

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November 2, 2001
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  February 20, 2011
Daytona 500

2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Schedule

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