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the prompt for this was 'youre asleep and youre not at home'. its based on a few events that i squished together. sometimes i do that, it's easier to remember the important things. almost like downsizing. only i'm not a soulless corporation. yet. and yes, some of these things didn't really happen. but they seemed to fit. anyway.

throughout the night i kept waking up every half hour or so. there was something about the room that just wouldn't let me relax. or maybe it had something to do with me. i sat in the sighing bed and slowly my eyes adjusted to the dark. beside me in the bed were the figures of two of my friends. in the other rooms throughout the house lay about ten other sleeping (or not so sleeping, ahem) teenagers. a breeze came through the open window and i reached around for my sweater, accdiently knocking over an empty can in the process. the soft thud it made as it hit the floor was the only sound to be heard in the room. then out of the darkness came paul's laugh. i've heard of people talking in their sleep, but this is the first time i've heard someone laugh in their sleep. somehow paul seems like the kind of person that would laugh while dreaming.

i look over at the clock radio and it's just after four in the morning. i creep as quietly as i can, and pull myself out of the bed. in the living room i can hear the refridgerator making growling noises, and its so distracting that i almost step on zach. i looked at him curled up on the floor and saw that he had his arm protectively around sherman. zach's rumpled blonde hair and shermans yellow blow up face make the strangest yet most explosive pair. i tip toe around them and wander into the kitchen. the breeze from the open window makes me even colder and i decide the temperature outside cancels out my craving for a cancer stick.

after about ten more minutes of meandering i end up back in bed. i lean back onto the pillow and shut my eyes. i knowthat the rest of the night/morning will be restless, but i might as well enjoy the quiet.