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Your sport is

Free Fly?

(Hang glider or


Your most problem is don't have a montain close to you?

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Would you like to :

Spend less time and money driving to the montain and more time flying?

Take off close to home to fly after work?

Take off several times in the same day ?

Fly in the flat lands sites ?

Improve your fly ?

Then, your BEST option is AERO-TOW automatic truck tow winch

The ISA platform tow launch system allows hang gliding and paragliding pilots to turn almost any open flat area into a great flying site without the need of a mountain to take off. The ISA device is practical, light weight and portable with all the safety features that payout winches have to offer. The new automatic controls make smooth tows effortless. Proof of acceptance as being the number one choice in towing is the fact that during the PEUGEOT First World Aerial Rally, at São Paulo State - Brazil in october/1995, ALL the tow devices were made by ISA.

Platform winch towing to Hang Glider and Paraglider

whith automatic control pressure system, in two models: KOMPAK e MASTER.

Winch Towing



Paraglider - and

Hang Glider Compatible

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Winch Towing



Hang Glider and


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Who is towing fly?
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Winch towing technical data
Kompak and Master

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Where can I fly whith Aero Tow ?

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