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Glenn Bodie

click photo to inlarge

Front Bracket, Left is the
original 1.2lb or 520grams made
from 1/16th metal then chromed.
Right bracket reproduction
1.9lb or 860grams made from 1/8th stainless steel.

Rear Bracket left origonal
1.3lb or 550grams made from 1/16th
metal crommed. Rear
bracket Right, reproduction 2.4lb
or 1kg made from 1/8th stainless steel.

Re-production has added
supoort brace across the
back modified front to
accomidate racks without pins.

Rear bracket also has
support brace

Rear bracket has removable
alignment bar for racks without pins.

Brackets made of 1/8th
inch stainless steel.

Brackets made of 1/8th
inch stainless steel.

Picture shows how modifications
to brackets can adapt to
racks with or without pins.

2 strap system using
double "D" rings & velcro!

Pads on "D" rings to prevent

Straps attach using mounting
posts instead of pins.
Strap hooks made from
1/4inch stainless steel and
are rubber coated.
Hooks work best attached in
this manner, the pannels sit on
top of rubber hooks and
dont rub on the crome rack.

Rear bracket also has
support brace

Under side of straps
have 8 inchs of thick soft fleece to protect t-top pannels.

Top side of strap has
velcro to secure straps
in place.

Double "D" rings used
correctly along with velco
makes a very secure system.

in order to use holders
you need at least 8 1/2inch
clearance between rack and
rear window and 1 1/2inch
from front edge or rack
and 2 1/4inch from rear of rack
(antena clearance!!!!)


Complete set of brackets and straps=$185.00 u.s. (originals selling for aproximatly $400.00 u.s.
Colors other than black add 10% other colors available

Any questions please contact me at