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World War Two Living History, 88th Infantry; 350th RCT


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Vintage/Research Pictures
88th Unit History
88th General Information
350th RCT History
88th Reenacting Articles/Files

"Please God, slience, the scheming and the stupid in our Government and let the Honest and Strong lead us to right, Otherwise we fight in vain. If we cannot correct ourselves, how can we lead others from their chaos?" --Pvt Morgan J. Quinn, 88th Recon Troop. KIA at Carpane Italy, April 30th, 1944.

"Once we identified the United States 88th Division we knew where the main effort would be..." Major General Von Schellwitz CG, German 305th Infantry Division


The Infantryman

If World War Two Was fought like Vietnam So True.

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Der Fuhrers Face

What do you do in the Infantry?

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