Undertaker's Bio
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Undertaker's Biography

Height: 6' 10"
Weight: 328 pounds
From: Death Valley
Finishing move: Tombstone Piledriver; Chokeslam; Last Ride
Career Highlights: World Wrestling Federation Champion (3); Tag Team Champion (5) - current
A Decade of Destruction...

After a decade of destruction in the World Wrestling Federation, the Undertaker is stronger than ever!

When he made his debut at Survivor Series 1990, the Undertaker was a freak of nature beyond this world. Everything he touched, he destroyed. Taker's dominance continued for the next 10 years though two Federation Championship reigns, and memorable battles with Yokozuna, Bret Hart, Diesel, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Mick Foley and Steve Austin. For much of 1999, Taker had the Federation under a reign of terror as the leader of the Ministry of Darkness, and nearly married Stephanie McMahon in a "black wedding."

Shortly after the Undertaker lost a First Blood Match to Austin at Fully Loaded 1999, he disappeared from the Federation to recover from the toll more than 10 years took on his body. In May of 2000, he helped make Judgment Day a night to remember when he returned to the Federation as "The American Bad Ass" and attacked the entire McMahon-Helmsley Faction!

Just like that, Taker was back in the Federation Championship picture, and though he fell short of winning the coveted title for a third time, he did enjoy a brief reign as one-half of the Federation Tag Team Champions (with The Rock). Entering 2001, the Undertaker had his brother, Kane, as his chief ally, and is poised for a feud with Triple H. No matter where the Undertaker goes from here, he was withstood the test of time to become a legend in the Federation -- and the sports entertainment business.

The History of Undertaker

The Debut

At the 1990 Survivor Series, Ted DiBiase promised a mystery partner for his “Million Dollar Team.” That surprise turned out to be the Undertaker, who made his World Wrestling Federation debut at the November spectacular! Led to the ring by Brother Love, the Undertaker dominated in his first bout, utilizing the Tombstone piledriver to swiftly dissect the opposing team! From that moment on, no one in the Federation was safe - a “Decade of Destruction” was about to begin!

The Destruction Begins!

The new year 1991 began for the Undertaker with a new manager, as Paul Bearer joined the Phenom. In March, the Undertaker made his WrestleMania debut, pinning the legendary “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka. Throughout 1991, the Taker put together an impressive undefeated streak, which World Wrestling Federation President Jack Tunney felt was worthy of a title match. At the 1991 Survivor Series - just one year after making his Federation debut - the Undertaker pinned Hulk Hogan to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship! The Taker’s reign would be short-lived, however, as Hogan won the title back in controversial fashion the following week.

The fans begin to cheer...

The Undertaker underwent a marked transition early in 1992, as he went from being one of the most hated villains in the Federation to one of the most cheered favorites. At WrestleMania VIII, he dispatched of his former partner, the evil Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Soon after sending Jake out of the Federation, the Dead Man began a rivalry with Kamala, the Ugandan Giant. After an indecisive match at SummerSlam, the two giants waged war in the first-ever coffin match at the 1992 Survivor Series. At that event, the Taker put the 400-pound behemoth into the casket, and sealed the deal on another banner year!

A war between giants

The Undertaker entered the 1993 Royal Rumble with a solid chance to win the event. Indeed, when the Phenom hit the ring, he dominated his competition. But suddenly, an eight-foot monster headed to the ring to attack the Undertaker! The man known as Giant Gonzalez eliminated the Undertaker from the event, and tortured the Phenom in the process! At WrestleMania IX, the Taker would defeat Gonzalez by disqualification. After the bout, Gonzalez choked out the Taker with an ether-soaked rag. But much to his shock, the Undertaker recovered and came back to knock out the Giant! At SummerSlam, the Undertaker pinned Gonzalez in a “Rest in Peace” match, eradicating the Giant from the World Wrestling Federation!

Two Undertakers?

1994 was perhaps the strangest year in the Undertaker’s history. At the Royal Rumble, Yokozuna defeated the Undertaker in a Casket Match when a dozen Federation Superstars helped the 500-pounder to lock the Taker in the casket! As they wheeled him away, however, the Undertaker’s spirit rose high above the arena, and he vowed he would return!

As the summer began, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase claimed to have bought the Undertaker - and indeed, he produced the Phenom! But Paul Bearer claimed that DiBiase’s Taker was nothing but a faker, and at SummerSlam, Bearer brought back the real Undertaker, who defeated the imposter!

At the 1994 Survivor Series, the Taker earned a measure of revenge against Yokozuna, defeating him in another casket match. Movie star Chuck Norris was the special ringside enforcer for this bout!

The Phenom takes over

As 1995 began, the Undertaker was embroiled in a feud with Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation. The issue at hand seemed to be the Undertaker’s prized urn, which DiBiase and his goons had stolen from Paul Bearer at every given opportunity.

At the Royal Rumble, the Taker defeated Irwin R. Shyster and almost got back the urn - until it was again stolen by King Kong Bundy! At WrestleMania XI, the Taker pinned Bundy to regain again the urn.

At the 1995 King of the Ring, the Undertaker suffered an opening-round loss to Mabel in the King of the Ring tournament. As the summer wore on, he resumed his feud with the Million Dollar Corporation. Soon the Corporation again stole his urn - and Kama melted it down to make a necklace!

At SummerSlam, the Undertaker defeated Kama in a Casket Match. Then, at the Survivor Series in November, the Undertaker absolutely dominated! The Phenom single-handedly defeated Triple H, Isaac Yankem, Mabel and Jerry Lawler to win the match for his team!

Be afraid....Be very afraid.

Looking for his second World Wrestling Federation Championship reign, Undertaker started 1996 off on the right foot with a shot at Bret "Hit Man" Hart’s title at January’s Royal Rumble. This was one of the rare occasions that the champion actually walked into the match as the underdog. This turned out to be a re-occurring theme with all of Undertaker’s opponents in 1996, champion or not. Undertaker wound up defeating Bret Hart at the Royal Rumble, however; the victory was via disqualification. Undertaker was awarded the match when "Big Daddy Cool" Diesel interfered. This incensed the Dead Man and eventually lead to a bitter rivalry between him and Diesel… a rivalry which eventually led to the demise of Big Daddy Cool.

The two big men met at WrestleMania XII. After a long battle, Undertaker delivered the Tombstone to Diesel and pinned him for the 1-2-3. Diesel, a former Federation Champion, was never seen again.

After his victory over Diesel at WrestleMania XII, Undertaker had a hard time finding people brave enough to step into the ring with him. The thought of ending up like Diesel did not rest well in the minds of other Federation Superstars. In fact, Undertaker was left off the following month’s Pay-Per-View due to a lack of competition.

Finally, just when it looked as though nobody was going to be brave enough to step into the ring the Undertaker, somebody came forward. However, the Undertaker’s next opponent didn’t step up in an act of bravery. Rather, it appeared as though he was more deranged than anything else. Undertaker’s next rival turned out to be the deranged Mankind. The next several months would change the Undertaker forever.

At the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, Undertaker and Mankind competed in a memorable battle. Much to the surprise of everybody, Undertaker actually lost this match to Mankind after Paul Bearer accidentally knocked him with his urn. Paul Bearer’s actions clearly cost Undertaker the match and afterwards, Undertaker fans everywhere questioned whether or not they were accidental.

Two months later, we learned that Bearer’s actions were not by accident. At SummerSlam, Bearer again cost Undertaker a match against Mankind by hitting him with the urn. Shortly thereafter, Paul Bearer made his allegiance with Mankind known to the public and the Undertaker. The Phenom’s long and storied history with Paul Bearer came crashing down right before his eyes.

After two devastating Pay-Per-View losses to Mankind, Undertaker finished 1996 up strong with two victories over the "Deranged One." He defeated him in a Buried Alive match in October and then again at the Survivor Series in November. He then went on to destroy another one of Paul Bearer’s men, the Executioner, at the December Pay-Per-View.

Clearly, 1996 was a year like no other for the Undertaker. Looking at it from a won-loss perspective, Undertaker’s wins in 1996 were monumental. However, never before had he run into a superstar like Mankind, handing him two losses at Pay-Per-View events. In addition, he was stabbed in the back by the one man he trusted through out his career – Paul Bearer.

Taker's horrible secret

It was an emotional year for the Undertaker as he would finally regain his Federation title after five and a half long years, and be reunited with his long lost brother, Kane.

In January, at the Royal Rumble, the Undertaker’s feud with his former manager, Paul Bearer, continued. This time, Bearer’s newest superstar, Vader, took on the Undertaker. The outcome of the match was not what Taker would have wished for, as he lost to Vader.

The feud with Vader carried over to February at “Final Four” In Your House. This Pay-Per-View had a match featuring the Undertaker, Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Vader competing for the vacant Federation Championship. Taker once again fell short, as he was eliminated in this match.

March was a historic month for the Dead Man, as he took on Sid, the Federation Champion, at WrestleMania 13. The Undertaker put on a classic show as he pounded the Champion throughout the match. Taker eventually won the match, and earned himself the Federation title for the second time in his career.

This is when Paul Bearer began blackmailing the Undertaker about revealing his “secret.” This secret was eventually revealed after Taker could not stand Bearer’s blackmail anymore. The secret, according to Bearer, was that when Taker was young, he murdered his entire family by burning the house they were in to the ground. Bearer also claimed that Taker’s younger brother, Kane, who had been horrifically burned in the fire, was in fact still alive.

Over the next five months, the Undertaker successfully defended his Federation Championship against all comers. During this time, he defeated Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Faarooq, and Vader on Pay-Per-View matches. Then, at SummerSlam, he got his biggest test, when he defended his title against Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels was the special guest referee in this match, and Michaels accidentally hit Taker with a chair, allowing Hart to cover him for the win. This was the spark that started Taker’s feud with Shawn Michaels.

Taker fought the first of two matches with Michaels at “Ground Zero” In Your House. This match was back and forth, eventually ending in a no-contest. In the second battle with Michaels at Badd Blood, he competed in the first-ever “Hell in the Cell” Match. This match was very intense -- like no other match anyone had ever seen before. The Undertaker and the Heartbreak Kid put their bodies and careers on the line in an unforgettable match. Just as the Undertaker was about to put a bloodied Michaels away, the Undertaker’s younger brother, Kane, made his Federation debut. A shocked Undertaker was then attacked and tombstoned by his younger brother, allowing Michaels to cover him for the win! Although the Undertaker fell short of victory in this match, it was one hell of a show that he and Michaels put on for everyone. This was the first time the Undertaker and Kane had looked each other in the face in decades.

Taker and Kane finally face off

1998 didn’t start too well for the Undertaker. At the Royal Rumble, he was defeated by Shawn Michaels in a casket match, after his brother, Kane, who earlier had seemed that he was siding with the Undertaker, turned on him during the match. Kane interfered, and allowed Michaels to earn the victory. After the match, Kane locked the Undertaker in the casket and lit it on fire. After that, the Undertaker vanished from the Federation for over a month. In February, Taker finally returned much to the surprise of Kane and Paul Bearer. For months, the Undertaker had vowed he would never fight his brother, but upon making his return that February, the Undertaker said he would indeed face off against Kane for the very first time at WrestleMania XIV. At WrestleMania XIV, the Undertaker took on Kane for the first time. The older brother prevailed in the match, as he tombstoned Kane three times for the win. The Undertaker had won the first of the battles to come. At “Unforgiven” In Your House, Taker and Kane battled once again, this time in an “Inferno Match.” In this match, the Undertaker actually set his younger brother on fire to earn the win. Kane certainly had flashbacks of his childhood disaster, but this time, the Undertaker didn’t feel bad for him. In the second-ever “Hell in the Cell” match that June at King of the Ring, the Undertaker took on Mankind in probably the most unforgettable match in Federation history. The Undertaker absolutely destroyed Mankind, as he threw him off the 15 foot high cell and then chokeslammed him through the top of the cage! If that wasn’t enough, Taker choke slammed Mankind onto thousands of thumbtacks in the ring. It was brutal, with the Undertaker prevailing. After going through a hellacious one-on-one battle with Mankind, the Undertaker was forced to team up with Stone Cold Steve Austin as they took on and defeated Kane and Mankind to become Tag Team Champions at Fully Loaded. Their title reign did not last too long, as they soon dropped the belts in a four-way match to Mankind and Kane. At Breakdown, the Undertaker and Kane simultaneously pinned Federation Champion Steve Austin. They both were awarded the victory. Mr. McMahon forced the two brothers to face each other at the Judgment Day Pay-Per-View. The Undertaker and Kane then turned against Mr. McMahon. This new feud between Taker/Kane and Mr. McMahon would continue for the next couple of months. Stone Cold was the guest referee for the Undertaker/Kane match at “Judgment Day” In Your House for the vacant Federation Championship. The match ended in a no-contest, but more importantly for the Undertaker, at Judgment Day, he reunited with Paul Bearer. At the Survivor Series, the Undertaker takes on Kane in the first round of the “Deadly Game” Federation Title Tournament. Undertaker won this match over his younger brother, only to lose to The Rock in the semi-finals by disqualification, due to Kane’s interference. At the end of the year, the Undertaker took on Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Buried Alive Match at “Rock Bottom” In Your House. In this match, Kane got some revenge on his brother, appearing out of a grave and tombstoning his older brother into it, allowing Austin to bury him alive. The year did not end on a good note for the Dead Man!

Hell unleashed!

As 1999 started, the Undertaker changed his look and personality. He formed a group that would become one of the most powerful and dominant the Federation has ever seen - the "Ministry of Darkness." His first three members were Mideon and the Acolytes. Soon after, Taker added Edge, Christian, Viscera and Gangrel. Taker’s “Ministry” was all based around the doing the bidding of the so-called “Greater Power.”

As the alliance gained more momentum, the Undertaker immediately went after the two people he hated most, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon. At WrestleMania XV, he took on and defeated one of Mr. McMahon’s top hands in the Corporation, the Big Boss Man, in a “Hell in the Cell” Match.

At “Backlash” In Your House, Ken Shamrock was out to get revenge for Mr. McMahon. Shamrock fell short in this match, as the Undertaker’s strength and power prevailed. That night, the Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon in a limousine and the abduction began. The following night on RAW, the Undertaker tried to abduct Stephanie in a black wedding, but she was saved by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Three days later on SmackDown!, the Undertaker’s “Ministry” joined forces with Shane McMahon’s “Corporation.” Both wanted to get revenge on Mr. McMahon. This newly formed “Corporate Ministry,” was created and was an extremely powerful force in the Federation for the next few months. On June 7, the “Greater Power” was finally revealed. It was Mr. McMahon himself.

In May, it was history once again for the Undertaker, as he defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin to become Federation Champion for the third time in his career. However, it would be a short title reign for the Dead Man, as he was defeated by Austin on June 28 at RAW.

At Fully Loaded in July, Taker once again lost to Stone Cold, but this night was historic because it started the alliance of the two most powerful men in the Federation - the Undertaker and the Big Show. Over the next few months, this powerful duo took the tag team field by storm. They defeated X-Pac and Kane to win the Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam, only to drop the belts eight days later on RAW to Mankind and The Rock. This would not be the last time these two teams met, as Undertaker and Big Show won the belts back on September 7 at SmackDown! in a buried alive match.

Two weeks later, in a “Dark Side Rules” match, Taker told Mideon and Viscera to take his place. They both teamed up with the Big Show to defend the titles and lost the match to Mankind and The Rock. As a result of refusing to wrestle Triple H that Thursday on SmackDown!, Mr. McMahon took Taker out of the “Six Pack Challenge” match at Unforgiven. Taker then said that if Mr. McMahon was going to take him out of the match, then he’d walk out of the Federation.

The American Bad Ass

The Undertaker returned with a bang at Judgement Day in May 2000! As Triple H battled The Rock in an Iron Man Match, a biker-clad Undertaker rode his Harley to ringside! The look had changed, but the Taker was back! The American Bad Ass cleaned house of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction -- and by chokeslamming Triple H, the Taker inadvertently helped the Game to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship!

The following month at King of the Ring, the Taker teamed with Kane and The Rock to take on Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Triple H. One of the most spectacular moments of the match came when the Undertaker chokeslammed Triple H from the top rope, through a ringside table!

The Undertaker would then cross paths with Kurt Angle. Through a series of mishaps and slip-ups, Angle drew the wrath of the Taker. At Fully Loaded, the American Bad Ass met the American Hero, and it was the Bad Ass who emerged victorious.

Just weeks later, Kane turned his back on the Undertaker. Kane claimed to be a monster, and he said he would destroy his brother. At SummerSlam, it was instead the Undertaker who dominated -- even unmasking Kane for the first time ever.

The brothers would meet again at Unforgiven in September, as the Undertaker and Kane were participants in a Fatal Fourway Match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Chris Benoit and The Rock were also involved in the bout, which saw Rock successfully defend his title by pinning the Rabid Wolverine.

Kane would have the last laugh at Unforgiven, however, as he chokeslammed his brother, injuring the Dead Man. The Taker was out of action for over a month before returning just prior to the Survivor Series. When he finally did return, he opened up "Dead Man Inc." and vowed to take the World Wrestling Federation Championship from Kurt Angle at the Survivor Series. Angle would retain his title at the Survivor Series, tricking the Undertaker by using his brother Eric Angle to confuse the Dead Man.

At the Survivor Series, the Undertaker celebrated a "Decade of Destruction," as it was 10 years prior -- at the 1990 Survivor Series -- that the Taker made his World Wrestling Federation debut!

In December 2000 at Armageddon, the Undertaker vowed to make someone famous in the Six Way Hell in the Cell bout. That competitor turned out to be Rikishi, as the Taker threw the 400-pound giant off the top of the cell!

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    Tugboat -- February 1991 - April 1991

    Fat happy friend of Hulk Hogan for years...Begins mini feud with newcomer The Undertaker...Afterwards changes name, identity, alliances, and opponents.

    The Ultimate Warrior -- April 1991 - August 1991

    Two time Intercontinental Champion and former WWF Champion...Hot off the heels of ending an archrival's career...Attacked by the Undertaker and thrown in a casket...Biggest feud of the year...Double crossed by dark accomplice Jake Roberts...Disappears completely after Summer Slam.

    Hulk Hogan -- September 1991 - February 1992

    Current WWF Champion facing #1 contender...Attacked in the Funeral Parlor...Defeated by Undertaker at Survivor Series for title retrospectively ending decades long momentum streak...Uses multiple foreign objects to regain belt but is soon stripped because of it...Manages to eliminate Undertaker from Royal Rumble '92...Loses tag team match to Undertaker's team on Saturday Night's Main Event...Retires two months later.

    Jake "Snake" Roberts -- February 1992 - April 1992

    Once friend turned enemy...Slams Undertaker's hand in casket in funeral parlor...Major match at Wrestlemania VIII...Loses and leaves World Wrestling Federation.

    The Berzerker -- April 1992 - July 1992

    Insane heel brought in under Mr. Fuji in 1991...Sneak attacks Undertaker with Viking weoponry and pile driver on cement...Feud intensely for a while...Unable to win and Undertaker's attention turns elsewhere as does Fuji's...Loses to Tatanka at Summer Slam...From top ten entree to mid level leftovers...Eventually eliminated from Royal Rumble '93 and entire WWF by none other than The Undertaker.

    Kamala -- August 1992 - November 1992

    Newcomer making waves under guidance of Harvey Whippleman...Challenges Undertaker in major match at Summer Slam...Is disqualified due to outside interference and launches squash attack that is survived...Now in great fear of death, suffers embarrasing countout losses to British Bulldog, Tatanka, and El Matador...Fears come true when deposited in casket at Survivor Series...Loses direction afterwards and drops Whippleman...Becomes liked but is short lived fan favorite and leaves WWF forever in a couple of months.

    Nailz -- November 1992 - December 1992

    After finishing war with Big Boss Man enters mini-feud with The Undertaker...Mini in length, not intensity...Sees surrounding tombstones of other victims of the graveyard and is scared off by year's end.

    Giant Gonzales -- January 1993 - August 1993

    Hired as Harvey Whippleman's revenge for Kamala...Attacks Undertaker ruining chances of winning Royal Rumble...Most intimidating opponent ever untouched until Wrestlemania...Disqualified at end of monster match as chloroform rag attack backfires...Momentum dies in an instant...Lets Mr. Hughes take over feud for a while...Hughes steals the urn...Gonzales brings it to Summer Slam RIP Match where is soundly defeated...Immediately eliminated on RAW Battle Royal...Long gone in weeks.

    Yokozuna -- September 1993 - January 1994

    Took over as Mr. Fuji's major prospect in 1992 and went on to win world title...WWF Champion challenged after claiming to fear nothing...Counted out with Undertaker brawling at ringside at Survivor Series... Royal Rumble 1994 Casket Match marks Undertaker's first return title match more than two years after losing the belt...Yokozuna hires half the WWF to help gain victory...Ghost of Undertaker vows revenge...Eventually vengeance found at same year's Survivor Series when Yokozuna is dumped in a casket and leaves.

    The Undertaker -- May 1994 - August 1994

    Imposter sought out by revenge seeking Ted Dibiase who was original founder of real Undertaker...Everyone is fooled...Almost everyone...Ultimate showdown at Summer Slam...Evil imposter Undertaker loses after three tombstones and is never seen or heard from again. Irwin R. Schyster -- November 1994 - January 1995 From Dibiase's Corporation...Insults the deceased to get Undertaker's attention...It works...Easily creamed and pinned at Royal Rumble although the Corporate plot thickens...Out of Corporation and WWF in several months.

    King Kong Bundy -- January 1995 - April 1995

    Dibiase's revenge continues...Steals urn at Royal Rumble...Is defeated by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania XI although the Corporate plot thickens once again...Is also out of Dibiase's camp and gone by the end of the year.

    Kama -- April 1995 - August 1995

    More Corporate news...Steals urn again at Wrestlemania and this time is melted down to a gold chain...Ruins Undertaker's path to King of the Ring...Attacks a Creature of the Night...Is defeated in a casket match at Summer Slam....Feigns various injuries to avoid further berrials and soon fades away. Reincarnated as The Godfather.

    Mabel -- September 1995 - December 1995

    First major feud opponent not managed by Dibiase, Fuji, or Whippleman in three and a half years...Crushes Undertaker's face after sneak attack...Berried at In Your House Casket Match and the urn finally returns to its rightful owner...From big time rulebreaker to big time loser in weeks...Soon long gone. Reincarnated as Visera in 1999.

    Diesel -- January 1996 - April 1996

    Ruins Undertaker's chance at WWF Title in second rematch since losing belts...Ruins another shot on RAW...Pulled through ring by Undertaker at steel cage match returning the favor...Destroys casket...Attacks Paul Bearer...Sees own corpse...Defeated at Wrestlemania XII...Gone in a couple of months.

    The Executioner -- December 1996

    Brought in by Paul Bearer to get revenge on the Undertaker...Helps Mankind and others to bury Undertaker...Is easily defeated at December's In Your House...Shortly after disappears.

    Sid -- March 1997

    Sid is to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania 13 for the WWF Championship after Undertaker named #1 contender... Sid is defeated for the WWF Title by the Undertaker...leaves shortly after.

    Vader -- January 1997 - July 1997

    Vader joins up with Paul Bearer in Paul's effort to rid the WWF of the Undertaker forever...Vader gets a victory over the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble with Paul Bearer's help...Is later laid to rest in July...Vader's career then takes big downward dive...eventually leaves WWF.

    Shawn Michaels - September 1997 - January 1998

    Though Undertaker may not have neccesarily "finished" off Michaels, He did do substantial damgage to him in the first ever "Hell in the Cell" match at in October of 1997. It was shortly after this match that Michaels "called it quits".

    Undtertaker's Biography

    Real Name: Mark Callaway
    Height: 6'10"
    Weight: 328 Lbs
    Birthdate: March 24, 1965 (1962)
    Professional Since: 1989
    Finishing Move: Tombstone Piledriver, Last Ride

    Titles Held:
    USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champ (The Master of Pain)
    USWA Texas Champ (The Punisher)
    WWF Heavyweight Champion (3x)
    WWF Tag Team Champion (5x)

    The Undertaker is perhaps the most feared entity in the World Wrestling Federation. From his chilling entrance to the squared-circle, to the pain he inflicts on his opponents, The Undertaker is by far one of the best athletes in the WWF. He has taken part in all different, original kinds of matches. From: Hell in the Cell 1 & 2, Buried Alive, an Inferno Match, the list goes on and on.

    However, one accomplish that must be ranked at the top of the list is the Undertaker becoming the WWF Heavyweight Champion. Even though he has done this only twice in his career, the Taker has had decisive victories over Hollywood "Hulk Hogan" & Sycho Sid in order to capture the gold strap. Plus, who could ever forget "The Unforgetable" Hell in the Cell with Shawn Michaels, and Hell in the Cell 2 with Mankind.

    Another almost unheard of match, that would have never ever been thought of prior to the match was: Undertaker vs. Undertaker. That's right, 2 Undertakers in the WWF. We'll that's how it was in the early 90's in the WWF. As we all knew it, there were 2 Undertaker's and the only way to settle this was for them to get it on in the squared circle. It was one of the most bizarre matches I have ever seen, and it will go down in history. However, the ORIGINAL TAKER won, however it took THREE TOMBSTONES to do it.

    The Undertaker dazzles his fans with the many actions that he performs in the ring. It's not just the same old sleeper here, dropkick here, the Undertaker actually goes to the top-rope, walks along the rope and then comes down on his opponent with force. This move, for a man of near 7ft 350lbs stature is usually unheard of, however not in the WWF. The Undertaker is truly one of the best athletes in the world today, and continues to design and create new moves and holds to amaze the average wrestling fan out there!!!!

    In the summer of 98, the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin finally put an end to their fued that had lasted for about 3 months. At first, Austin/Taker were actually TAG TEAM CHAMPS, however, that relationship did not last too long, and Taker ended up siding with his brother Kane. That is what leads us to Madison Square Garden, where Taker wrestled for the WWF Championship. It was an excellent match and the Undertaker performed some awesome moves, especially coming off of the top-rope, onto Austin(who was outside on an announcer's table). In the end, the Undertaker lost, but he showed excellent sportsmanship by handing the belt over with pride and dignity.

    Although things seemed well at the time for the Undertaker, his wrestling career tok a wicked turn. He created a power like no other, know as The Ministry of Darkness. Their plan was to take out Vince McMahon's corporation. The plans of the Ministry were not to hurt, they were to destroy. It all started when the Acolytes entered as a tag team, then they Mysteriously captured the man we know as Mark Canubury. Later that month, the Undertaker commited his first sacrafice, and the kidnapped man was from then on known as Mideon.More and more mebers started to join, and the horror of this group grew bigger. The Undertaker had his eyes set on Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince. The horror became reality as each week he threatened Vince McMahon, and with every week, the corporation and the ministry would have fueds all about. At this point in time in the WWF, there was no wrestling, this was a war.

    Then came the saddest part of all, Shane McMahon, the son of WWF Owner Vince McMahon admitted to setting up the whole deal, he already had contol of the corporation, and now he was part of the minstry as well. This formed the Corporate Ministry, a force so powerful it cannot be stopped, only contained. The Undertaker led this group of athletes and demons to the top, and eventually got himself back there beating Steve Austin for the WWF Title at the Over the Edge PPV.

    Taker has done it all in the WWF, but he continues to move on, becoming more and more creative as the times change. A man that's seven foot tall with supreme agility, and who is as fast as lightining, The Phenom, uses his patented Tombstone Piledriver in order to make each and every one of his opponents "REST IN PEACE".

    "they tried to destroy me... wishing I would just go away. But what is it--what have they really done? The simple minds of mortal men, they sent me back to the place that is my origin. Destroy me? The more they try, the more powerful I become. And now I've risen from my unearthly grave, and I will slay the ones I once saved. The reckoning is upon us--the day that the Ministry of Darkness seizes the land and destroys all that you hold dear, making play things of your heroes and devouring your innocence..."

    "...The Plague of darkness is coming...an all-encompassing evil from which there is no escape, no mercy, no hope. It's called the future... and in the future I will look down upon thee, and I will decide whether you are an agent of darkness or just kindling for my fires. The power of darkness shall only be offered to a chosen few, and those who resist the temptations of my Ministry... pain becomes synonymous with punishment..."

    "...Embrace the darkness,and relish in the unearthly delight pain has to offer. Resist and there are no limits to the pain you subject yourself to. Don't fight it... it will tear your soul apart. For I am the reaper of men, the changer of souls, the weaver of nightmares...and I am the heart of darkness..."

    "...Am I now and ever will be the purity of evil. The hell you were threatened with is no longer an option. It is a reality... a living breathing reality, and you are all right in the middle of it. Yes, hell has relocated to earth."

    --The Undertaker, unveiling the Ministry of Darkness on Jan. 11, 1999


    The Undertaker

    The Acolytes



    Paul Bearer

    And...The Corporate Part

    Vince and Shane McMahon

    Triple H and Chyna

    The spirit of the Undertaker
    lives in the soul of all mankind

    Eternal flame of life that I can't be extinguished
    The origin which can not be explained

    The answer lies in the ever-lasting spirit
    Soon all the mankind will witness the rebirth of the Undertaker

    I will not Rest In Peace......

    REST IN PEACE!!!!!!!