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Teen Archery

  The Kennesaw Archery Club





     Welcome to the Teen Archery website!  Like you, I am a teen archer.  This page is specifically geared to teens like you and me who happen to enjoy the Olympic Sport of Archery.  Enjoy!





Kennesaw Archery Club JOAD


     The Kennesaw Archery Club is one of the best clubs around as well as one of the best JOAD programs.  What makes archers better?  Well, certainly hard work, but also the coaches.  It just so happens that this program has some of the top coaches in Georgia.  Among them are Ginger Hopwood, Jim White, and Eric Cero.  These coaches really go beyond the usual to help their students.  At the Kennesaw Club we strongly encourage goals and motivation for you, the archer.  We also encourage parent participation for the factor that seeing a parent at a shoot can give you the energy to grin and bare it and shoot one of your top scores. 

     Some of the current happenings at “The Club” are that we have a shoot every Saturday morning.  We also have some tournaments coming up:


◊April 21-22 is the GBAA Spring Turkey at Gwinnett Archery.

◊April 22 is the Gwinnett Indoor, a NFAA 300.

◊May 19-20 is the GBAA Target in Conyers, GA.

◊June 9-10 is a registered FITA at Mills Archery.

◊June 24-25 is the NBAA Field Sectionals.

◊June 30 is the Georgia JOAD State and South Regionals in Conyers, GA.

◊July 13-15 are the NAA JOAD National Outdoor, in Carver, MA.

◊July 28- August 3, are the NAA Outdoor Nationals in Canton, MI.




I can’t stress the importance enough in attending a good JOAD program.  With a good club, who knows how much you will achieve in the world of archery!






There are many teens just like you who are top names in the archery world.  One of them is the past Olympian Karen Scavotto.  Karen is one of those archers who will go to the extra mile to succeed.  She has been shooting since she was a child and is looked up to by many as a role model.  Karen competed in the Sydney 2000 Olympics finishing well against the top in the world.  She shoots an Axis made by Hoyt (a well known bow manufacturer).  People like Karen give teens a better name, not only is she a good archer, she is a good student.  She exemplifies what we, as archers should want to be.

       There are some other teen archers just like you who are stars.  At the Kennesaw Archery Club, we have some of them who always strive to succeed.  We really appreciate you Adam, Nick, Jamie, Jonathan, David, Will, Whitney, and Marlina!  You guys are awesome!  These kids are always trying to discover what will make them better, and then do it.  They are kids we all truly admire.






Congratulations go out to all of the shooters that participated in the NAA Indoor Championships as well as the JOAD.  Some shot the best that they had ever shot, so that really deserves some recognition.  Also, Congratulations to the participants in the Georgia State Championships for their terrific showing against the top clubs in Georgia.  Again congratulations to all!  We are PROUD!!




Shooting Tips


     Here are some tips that fellow teens try to use when they are shooting:


●Always focus on form, not on score.

●Remember that the only arrow you can change is the one on your string.  Forget the bad shots and focus on the present shot.

●Always remember to follow through.

●Try not to pluck.

●Focus on what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve, not on what others around you are doing.

●The best things in life are always worth hard work.

●Try to get outside help from either a coach or another archer.

●And most importantly, ALWAYS HAVE FUN AND DO YOUR BEST!






Here are some cool Archery links.  I hope you enjoy!


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Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you enjoyed it.  Remember that archery is a life long sport and if you try your best, you will succeed!




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