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Website Last Updated 7/16/02


 A trip report was added for Holiday World.  The trip to Holiday World was taken on July 6th, 2002.  Also, the RCT park download links, will not be working for a little while.  And again, please continue to vote in the poll below.


Photos from Silver Dollar City were added today.  These photos were taken on June 8th, 2002.   The photos include Thunderation, Lost River Of The Ozarks, and Wildfire.


A new link was added today to the links page.  At the bottom of the Links page there is a banner for RCT_Masters, a website that provides information about RCT plus tracks and parks.


A new trip report was added today for Silver Dollar City (from June 8th)


The Photos page has a new look.  It now tells you how many photos we have of each park.  We also fixed a couple days ago some links that weren't working in the Cedar Point photos.  Today we added 12 photos from Six Flags Worlds Of Adventure including Batman: Knight Flight, Big Dipper, X-Flight, and more.  Please vote in the poll below "Which 2002 Attraction Are You Most Looking Forward To"


A new design was made for the frontpage.  Hopefully some more updates will be added soon.  Look for some Silver Dollar City photos coming soon.


Some pictures from Worlds Of Fun (2002) were added today. It includes their new ride Thunderhawk, plus Timber Wolf, Orient Express, Mamba, and more.



The Roller Coaster Collection
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