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Many new photos added - Oct 2002
Wooden Weapons For martial arts training and display
Eastern: Bokken, Suburito, Tanto
Western: Longswords, Daggers
Wooden Weapons
Martial Arts Martial Arts and Self Defence
Private Tuition and Groups Classes
Wooden Martial Arts
Knives / Swords Athames, Hunting, Fighting, Swords
For display, battle and ritual
Knives / Swords
Jewellery Pentacles, Torcs, Cloak Pins
Rings, Pendants, Boxes, Talismans,
Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Bone
Leather Belts, Buckles, Pouches, Bookmarks
Sheaths, Scabbards, Quivers
Drinking / Hunting Horns Perfect for feasting and battle Drinking / Hunting Horns
Artwork designs for tattoos and more - on request Artwork
Links People I respect, work for or find interesting Links

"If you can imagine it, I can make it"

All pieces are handmade
I am a completely self taught artist
I take pride in making things to today's standards using traditional techniques

Lismore Northern NSW 2480 Australia
(02) 6622 1479 / o415 860 597
Email :

Other hobbies of mine are brewing honey mead (soon i will have some recipes etc available), forging with metal and webpage design
Another pastime is looking at the philsophies of the Way of The Warrior...both Eastern and Western
Look here for for discussions on Warriors and Honour

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Ly de Angeles
Warrioress and Author

Aiki Ten Shin Sho Kai
Akijutsu Ryu I make weapons for

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