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Welcome to

This web site was created to provide a gateway to events going on
in the Bricktown district and surrounding areas.

One big focus of this site is
to advertise an amusement ride located in the middle of bricktown.
A big reason why?
Because no other amusement ride in the world does the following.
THIS amusement ride changes themes with the seasons.
During the spring and summer - A low scare ride
(Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D)

During the fall - An extreme scare ride
(Dungeon Haunted Ride in 3D)
During the Christmas Holidays - A winter wonderland ride
(Adventures in Santaland Christmas Ride in 3D)

The only 3D amusement ride in the central U.S.
Please click on the SantaLand icon below for more info and pictures.

Click on the button below for the season you're looking for.

Halloween & Christmas

Some of the extreme 3D art work is done by a friend of mine Mr. Smith.

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about your trip thru Oklahoma and any part of it. This is a great message board.
Thank you for visiting
and hope this site has been helpful in your planning needs for Oklahoma City activities.