In Loving Memory of
Ricky William Alexander

November 14, 1972 - July 22, 2005

"Ricky was a wonderful son and deeply loved by his family and respected by his friends. There were over 800 people at the visitation at our church on Sunday, July 24, 2005. What a tribute that was to him and we were in line from 6:20 PM -12:10 AM. Rick took pride in his work at Pete Burr’s Machine shop and he took pride in his truck on and off the track. He knew every inch of “White Lightnin” as he has taken it apart many times over the 12 year period always trying to make it better. He was diligent (365 days a year) working every evening to get it where it is today. He loved the sport of pulling, he was a true competitor, and he enjoyed talking with the pullers. We loved him dearly, and a hole is left in our hearts. He had a beautiful smile, and a contagious laugh. We are proud of his accomplishments and he will remain in our heart until we meet again."

- the Alexander family

Our family would like to express our sincere thanks for your prayers, cards, visits, food, and flowers, donations & all act of kindness during our recent tragic loss. May God bless all of you. Love, Roger, Donna, Deana and Beverly.

Ricky at Easton, MD on July 15, 2005 where he won first place

Photo courtesy of Eastern Extreme Pulling

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rec'd Mon, 8 Aug 2005 19:58:31 -0400

I've known Rick a long time.We went to school together and partied together back in the day. He always picked on me until the point that I would get mad and then he just look at me with those big brown eyes and dimples and say "are you mad?". Who could be mad at that? He was always hollerin', never talked in a normal voice, and that laugh-- can't you just hear it now? There are a million stories I could tell about Rick but, the thing I remember the most is that no matter how much he picked on any one , he was always there if you needed something.
-Marsha Western Farrar

rec'd Sun, 7 Aug 2005 19:30:23 EDT

Where do we begin? My husband (Steve Johns) has been friends with Rick since middle school. Wherever one was the other was. They were inseparable sometimes and then along came the third part of the trio "Bloop" (Shannon Ryder) and then they became The 3 Musketeers. Where one was the other two were following. It was a wonderful thing that those three boys had. My husband has been lost since all of this has happened. They always had some sort of communication with each other during the week. Especially starting on Wednesday they would start gearing up for the weekend.
As for me. My name is Danielle, and I have known Rick quiet some time around 13 years. When I met him I thought WOW!!! this man has a beautiful smile and a loud laugh. So all I could do was smile and laugh with him. Rick was always there for me. If I was down in the dumps it did not matter where we were or what we were doing Ricky would come up to me and put his arms around me and say "girl don't be sad be glad" and of course how could you not smile when he threw that big gorgeous smile your way and start laughing that laugh.
We have had so many wonderful times and we will again. Ricky we will miss you but we will never ever forget you. You will live in our hearts forever. Keep watch over us. Take care and we will see you at the 400 ft. mark. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Steve "JOHNS" and Danielle Johns

Posts made on Eastern Extreme Pulling Message Board...

Posted by Jon Herring/KRYPTONITE on 7/26/2005, 12:23 pm

I am writing this with a very heavy heart. I as well as all of us in the pulling community, lost a great FRIEND and competitor this past week. I know that it won't be the same at the track without Ricky there, I could always count on the Ford-Chevy argument, the take dainged ol auto-matico out Dynomite argument, the who's turn to go to the cooler argument, the by gosh Herring you don't have a 900 inch motor! Get on it sooner, argument.I first met Ricky at the State Fair in Raleigh three years ago in passing, But in the last year he and I became close friends. I found myself having deep conversations about everything you could imagine. When anybody saw us riding on the Krypto-Cart (as Ricky called it.) we were in some deep shit! Rick never had a bad thing to say about anyone or there equipment. He would watch everyone pull and could tell you there strengths and weaknesses. The last conversation I had with Rick was and the Monday before the accident, I was trying to get him to go to Chapel Hill with me. He Told me it was to far, and the would catch me next time. I told him he was scared and I was going to post it on here. He told me to go ahead, he was going to tell everybody I was scared to Temple's.He called my bluff!

In closing keep that GREAT SPIRIT in your heart because Ricky touched all of us in way or another!I know ST. Peter was at 310' waving the green when Rick pulled past him! See you on the other side my friend, you are missed. -KRYPTONITE

Posted by JR ROLFE / HEAVY METAL on 7/26/2005, 4:47 pm

I remember the first time that Ricky and Rodger came down to Greene's Raceway in Disputanta, VA to pull. I asked him if he needed me to get him a tow tractor and his answer was yes so when the tow truck came across the infield and into the pits he was laughing because he had never seen a tow tractor with a Holmes 440 Boom and 49" Super Swamper Irok Tires on it. Ricky was a real good fellow and when ever you talked to him or saw him he always had something to laugh about.

Posted by Temple Brizendine on 7/25/2005, 2:36 am

My father and I just arrived home from the viewing for Ricky and his family. It was obvious that us pullers were not the only one's that thought a lot of him, we had to stand in line for over 3 hours to see his parents. Hundreds of people were there. I have been pulling in the fwd class now for 20 years and I have seen a lot of pullers come and go in the sport. Every once in a while you will run across one that you know is special, Ricky was one of them. I watched him go from a struggling new puller to one that was at the top of his game in 3 short years, mostly because of hard work and determination. At Tuckahoe last weekend, Ricky, his dad and I sat on the back of his hauler till 2 am celebrating his win that night, we never dreamed it would be his last. Ricky I will miss ya! - Temple

Posted by Mario Brown on 7/27/2005, 3:04 pm

we would like to wish you our deepest sympathy

Posted by Dennis L. Brown on 7/25/2005, 8:37 am

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. I am Dara (Brown) Wilson and Kay (Brown) Shirey's dad. I substituted at Fort when Ricky was a student there. May you feel the presence of the Comforter now and always. -Dennis and Rachel Brown

Posted by Amy on 7/24/2005, 8:50 pm

I did not know Rick or his family but we in Ohio are keeping the family in our thoughts and prayers in this time of need. We have lost two fellow twd pullers in the last couple of years and it is still hard to believe. Shawn still has his talk at 300' with Jeff before every pull. Rick will always be with you. Again sorry for your loss.

Posted by Ashley & Angie Shinaberry on 7/24/2005, 4:43 pm

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Alexander family. May the memories you have of Ricky bring you comfort and strength to go on. Ricky will be missed by all. -Ashley, Angie, Justin & Courtney

Posted by JASON & HOPE NEESE on 7/23/2005


Posted by Trey Hemp ( Neese's Boy) on 7/23/2005, 7:15 pm

Ricky was a wonderful guy. He had a laugh i will never forget and always had a smile on his face. He will always be in my thoughts and Prayers. I will miss him alot.

Posted by Sue & Seth Baber on 7/23/2005, 5:22 pm

Ricky will be missed, me and my mom only met him a couple times but those where enough to say he was a good man and a very good puller and my god be with his family in this time of need. - Sue & Seth

Posted by Lisa Omps on 7/22/2005, 6:31 pm

As Ricky's dad knows after talking to Willie Wed. night, our thoughts and sympathy are with the whole family at this time of sorrow. Please keep us updated on the arrangements and funeral. God has another angel! - The Omps Family

Posted by Aaron Smothers(MoneyHog) on 7/22/2005, 4:43 pm

Ricky was more than a friend he was someone that I had alot of respect for. I will miss the phone conversations and bench pulls we often had. May God be with the family during this time of sorrow.

Posted by Mountain Mule Pulling Team on 7/24/2005, 11:47 pm

Sorry about the loss of Ricky, who was a great competitor that had good sportsmanship along with involving a wonderful family interacting and traveling to the pulls. We will never forget that shiny white CHEVROLET coming down the track. May God be with you in this time of need, our thoughts and prayers are with you. - Mountain Mule Pulling Team

Posted by Timmy Varner (Risky Business) on 7/23/2005, 2:04 am

Ricky was someone I looked up too and was always there when i needed something. It will never be the same without him at the truck pulls. I will miss talking to him on the phone about pulling and all the joking we would do. May God be with the family at this time of need.

Posted by Wyatt Sours (WastedWages) on 7/22/2005, 10:22 pm

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. May God give you strength to go on. Ricky was a great friend and will be deeply missed. - Wyatt & Paula

Posted by andrea on 7/23/2005, 7:28 am

Ricky was a great guy who would do anything for you. He had laugh that just made your day. He will be deeply missed

Posted by Mark & Teresa Craig on 7/22/2005, 4:35 pm

Please accept our sympathy at this terrible time in your lives. If there is anythng that Mark or I can do please let us know. Ricky was truly a very wonderful person! - Mark & Teresa Craig and family

Posted by linda shull on 7/22/2005, 4:45 pm

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this terrible time. If you need anything at any time please let us know. - Ralph & Linda Shull, -Ralph, Diana & Mackenzie Shull

Posted by Aimee Shull Losh on 7/22/2005, 3:44 pm

We will all miss Rick, his big smile, and his unforgettable laugh. May his family find comfort and peace at this time of sorrow. Rick will truly be missed by all.

Posted by Cindy Adkins on 7/22/2005, 3:19 pm

I was fortunate enough to compete with Ricky last Friday in Easton, MD. He was a tough competitor, but more importantly, a really nice guy. He will be missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Alexander family at this difficult time. - Cindy Adkins (Green Eyed Lady 4x4) and Brent Adkins (Sly, Slick & Wicked modified)

Posted by Lynn & Ted Quatman on 7/22/2005, 3:10 pm

What a tragic loss for family and friends. Rick will be missed by so many. He loved his sport and he loved his family. Rick would have been the type of son we never had. We were lucky enough to be related to him. God Bless Rick and his loving parents and sister.

Posted by Debbie & Danny on 7/22/2005, 3:34 pm

Words can not express our sorrow. Our family has another angel in heaven, before his time. We know much Ricky loved you all. Yes, he was a wonderful son, brother and husband and he will be surely missed every minute of every day, my thoughts are with you all. God Bless Ricky.

Posted by Mario Brown on 7/27/2005, 3:18 pm

from the Brown family we would like to express our deepest sympathy for your tragic loss.

Posted by Denny Stoner on 7/22/2005, 1:25 pm

Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. We were very sad to here that Ricky passed away. -Denny Stoner & Family

Posted by Mandy Myers Callison on 7/22/2005, 12:56 pm

Donna, Roger, & Deana,
Ricky will be missed and never be forgotten. He was a great guy. Our family will be thinking of you and supporting you through this rough time. If there is anything needed for the family please just ask. We love RICKY ALEXANDER and he will be deeply missed by EVERYONE!!!!!! RIDE ON WHITE LIGHTIN!!!!

Posted by Arthur on 7/22/2005, 5:57 pm

Rest in peace Ricky. A light that burned out too quickly. Our prayers are with the entire family. - The Ayers Family

Posted by jeff king on 7/22/2005, 9:29 pm

our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family and friends of rickey,my god bless all of you and comfort you in your time of need.

Posted by BIG DADDY on 7/22/2005, 12:08 pm

Ricky and his family will be in our hearts and memories forever. He will be missed now and at every pull. It will be sad not to have him there. I hope Ricky and his family find peace in knowing he was a hell of a guy.

Posted by John Crawford on 7/22/2005, 11:54 am

May God be with Ricky and your entire family. This is truly sad indeed. Our prayers are with you all. - John W. Crawford