10,000 LB. PRO FARM

1.Tractors must be agricultural tractors having chassis, engine, clutch, transmission housing, differential housing, transmission, hood and grill of one manufacturer. OEM cylinder head must be for series engine used-no recast, No aluminum, No overhead cams allowed. Engine, clutch, transmission, and differential housings, must be bolted together as one unit. All bolts connecting all housings must be in their stock location-OEM length & location from rear end housing to front of engine. No component powertrains. Repower engines must use original equipment size and type injection pump for the tractor being entered, or injection pump must be maximum of one (A) line pump (German Bosch, one plunger per cylinder). No P-pumps. No Billet A pumps. Tractors must have wide front axles. Tube chassis allowed. Front wheels must track within rear wheels. Tractor must have steel flywheel and clutch components. No cast parts allowed in clutch system.

2.Engine cubic inch limit of 540 cid.

3.Vehicles msut have OEM cylinder head and must be for series engine used - No recast; No aluminum; No overhead cams allowed.

4.Diesel tractors only. Diesel Fuel only. No accelerants.

5.Intercoolers and water injection allowed. No alcohol allowed.

6.Turbocharger must be under hood. Turbocharger must have a restrictor plate 1/4 inch thick with a hole no larger than 2.8" in diameter to be measured 2" from the compressor wheel blade. All air must go through the 2.8 turbo inlet restrictor plate. There must be only one turbo going through one pressure stage. No welding to the turbine housing will be allowed.

7.Exhaust must discharge vertically upward above highest point of tractor, exception of roll bars, and be securely attached. Exhaust must be at least 18: above the hood an no curved pipes or rain caps allowed. Exhaust pipe must be cross-bolted with two 3/8: grade five bolts with 1: of each other in vertical pipe and two 5/16: bolts within one inch of exhaust housing.

8.Vehicle with a plastic or fiberglass hood must be shrouded in the turbo area with a minimum metal thickness of .060" or 1/16.

9.All engine fans must be shrouded with steel 1/16" or thicker 360 degrees or factory.

10.Minimum drawbar length 18: from center of rear wheels to point of hook. Draw-bar must be rigid in all directions. Maximum 20" from top of hitch to the ground. HITCH HOLE TO BE 3.75" x 3.0". Drawbar must be parallel to the ground. Hitch must be horizontal - Not vertical. No cast iron drawbar components. Draw bar must be horizontally pined.

11.All tractors will require:

  • Air shut off - must also be able to be operated manually (by the operator from the seat of the tractor).
  • Flywheel protection in the form of either:
  • A scatter blanket with six straps
  • 6" x 3/8" steel around the flywheel area.
  • Rear wheelie bars installed in accordance with the following specifications:
  • Pads on bottom of bars to be a minimum of 5 in. sq. pads.
  • Pads to be a minimum of 32" rearward from the center of the rearend housing.
  • Pads maximum of 10" off the ground.
  • Outside to outside width of pads to be a minimum of 20".
  • Minimum 12" high bumper bars - top to be fastened to stabilizer bar framing.
  • Bars must support weight of tractor for weight class being pulled.
  • Deadmans throttle. Throttle must have at least 2 springs.
  • Neutral light - Light must come on in neutral & start in neutral, with light on.
  • Harmonic balancer to be shielded to be contained within vehicle.
  • Front skid bars mandatory.
  • Tractors must have engine side shields, side shield material to be minimum .060 inch thickness. Plastic or fiberglass hoods must be shielded in the turbo area.
  • 12.Maximum tire width is to be 24.5" US or 650 metric, maximum rim diameter of 38" No cut tires or puller 2000 H.P. No alterations to front edge of bar, tread, or cleat of tires. No puller tires of any kind.

    13.Removal of PTO and hydraulics (rockshafts) allowed - if not removed, PTO shafts must be covered with a safety shield.

    14.The frame and weights must not extend any further than 13 feet from center of the rear axle to further most forward point - excluding tow hook. The wheelbase must not exceed 114"

    15.Competing vehicles must have working rear wheel brakes.

    16.Competing vehicles must have fenders that consist of a solid barrier between the driver and any part of the rear tires. The barrier must be able to sufficiently support the weight of the driver and must extend a minimum of 6: horizontally at the top and be a minimum of 36" wide at the top.

    17.Vehicle must have a rollover protection bar or cage that is at least as high as the top of the drivers head/helmet. Rollover protection must be fastened at least two points to the rear axle housing. Factory style flip down tops allowed. Rollover protection must be able to lift one rear wheel when pulled horizontally from the top of the bar/cage without damage to the rollbar/cage.

    18.Top 3 finishing tractors are subject to inspection.

    19.Driver must wear fire suit and helmet.

    20.Fire extinguisher is required.