Fire Suit and Helmet required!

Must have valid drivers license

Must have working KILL SWITCH

U-Joints must be shielded with at least 1/8 inch steel, or 1/4 inch aluminum

25 inch hitch height - 36 percent wheelbase rule

Quick change gearboxes and 1 ton power train will be allowed

Must run DOT tires - 14.50 X 36 maximum size - no cut or grooved tires

No fiberglass bodies or body parts allowed - no hydraulic lift bodies

Must be production-style chassis. No tubular or chrome moly chassis allowed

135 inch maximum wheelbase

No on board computer or data systems

Open headers are allowed

Engine limitations
510 maximum cubic inch with 1 percent allowance
4150 carbs on gas (no dominators)
No nitrous or nitrous accessories allowed on truck
No Pro Stock-style heads allowed - must be able to accept stock intake without major modifications
No Aluminum Engine Blocks
No Tunnel Ram or sheet metal intakes