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Linda Shull - Secretary (540) 828-6986 - e-mail: shullle@jmu.edu

Dave Moore - SS/PS - (301) 432-5512
Steve Willson - 2WD - (410) 257-6969
Earl Howard - MODIFIED - (410) 756-6088
Kevin Suess - 4WD - (717) 587-0357

Official East Coast Pullers decisions will be posted at the East Coast Pullers site: www.atpapullersonline.com/eastcoast and updated on these Newsletters. Any questions or comments regarding the East Coast site can be sent to Linda Shull or Teresa Craig at:Mtmdsb@aol.com
Members are encouraged to contact their respective Rep. with any news, info, etc. regarding their class.

Another East Coast season is in the books and as Old Man Winter gets his grasp on us, we want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday. There are a few changes taking place within our pulling family and we`ll get into that later in this Newsletter. On with the News !


The 2005 East Coast Pullers hled their annual awrds banquet and dinner on November 12 at the Holiday Inn Holidome in Frederick, MD. We had over 200 Pullers, families, fans and associates attending this years event. Dave Moore started things prior to Dinner with a small opening speech regarding the current standing within the organization. Following Dinner and a short slide show presentation of the 2005 season, the Microphone was turned over to Oz Arment for the evenings awards.

First up was a presentation to all Promotors and Officials for the East Coast Pullers. Next up was our 2005 Point Champions: Robert Martin "That Darn Deere" SS/PS; Dan Wilson/Jeff Eshelman "Boss Hawg" 2WD; Tom Konopatski "Awesome Ride" 4WD; and Phillip Jones "Attitude Adjuster" Modified. The top 10 were presented with Hook money checks from the organization while the champions and runner up positons were also given framed photos of their pulling vehicles.
Next was the Puller of the Year awards, they were: Jody Hammond "Addiction" Modified; Greg and Dean Hitchcock "Grounds For Divorce" 4WD; Trent Best "Best Bet" 2WD; and Ray Link "Gon `Moken" SS/PS.

The rest of the awards are as follows:
Mechanic of the Year: Mike Ziegler "Iron Butterfly" 4WD
Gary Mills Award (Person of the Year): Bryan McDonald
Grayson Blank Award (Family of the Year): Don Landis Family
Rookie of the Year: Wayne Tapscott "Tameless Too" 2WD
Mr. Teen Grease Monkey: Cody Martin "That Darn Deere"; "Dairy Deere"; "Another Darn Deere" SS/PS team
Ms. Teen Grease Monkey: Katie McKenzie "Tank Tuff" Modified team
The 2005 Rookies were: 2WD - Shannon Tipton "Tipton`s Toy"; Modified - Kenny Woolford "Super Bee"; SS/PS - Brian Oberholtzer "Persuader", John Wright III "HeadStrong"; 4WD - Greg and Dean Hitchcock "Grounds For Divorce", Kevin Stouffer & Kevin Abshire "Gon AWOL", and Carroll Shipp "Un4given".
The 2005 100% club members were: 2WD - Dan Wilson/Jeff Eshelman "Boss Hawg", Trent Best "Best Bet"; 4WD - Tom Konopatski "Awesome Ride", Greg and Dean Hitchcock "Grounds For Divorce"; Modified - Phillip Jones "Attitude Adjuster", Leon Horst "Poor Boys Express", Jody Hammond "Addiction", and Art/Charlie Brommer "Heres Hopen".

During the ceremony, the East Coast Pullers presented a wooden plaque to the family of Ricky Alexander in the memory of Ricky with an engraved portrait of his truck and all the signatures of the East Coast Pullers family. The plaque was presented by Temple Brizendine of Dragon Motorsports Park.

At the conclusion of the awards ceremony, the Alexander family, Roger, Donna and Deana presented an award to the most improved 4WD puller for 2005. This inaugral awards is known as the Ricky Alexander Memorial Award and was presented to Greg and Dean Hitchcock "Grounds For Divorce" team.


The following is a press release by East Coast Pullers and Pro Pulling League:
The highly respected East Coast Series, one of the truck and tractor pulling sport’s largest state organizations, has voted unanimously to sanction it’s vast membership and event production schedule through the newly formed Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, beginning in 2006.

An agreement to sanction with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League was reached following a meeting with key East Coast Series principles, including Dave Moore (Director), Earl Howard (Co-Director), Linda Shull (Business Manager), Kevin Seuss (Class Representative), and Steve Willson (Class Representative). At the core of the agreement and desire to change sanction was the emphasis placed on gaining near and long-term stability, realization of an overall better sponsorship package, solidified financial returns to competitors and a general desire to move forward in a positive and structured manner for the benefit of all competitors, sponsors, promoters and fans.

The East Coast Series celebrated its seventh season in 2005 and consists of approximately 150 licensed competitors. It is also the organizational entity for more than 30 major events held annually at major fairs and other high profile hosting venues in territories within the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Ohio. Overall, the organization has been in existence with many of its same membership – albeit under a different name, dating back to the early 1970s.

Boonsboro, Maryland’s Dave Moore, who first entered the sport as a tractor competitor in 1975 (his son Davy and daughter, Tara also compete), said he felt the move was indeed necessary, especially given the state of the sport’s current sanctioning alternatives. “As a group, we feel the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League is the way to go, not only next year, but for future growth,” the ECS Director began.

“We have a lot of event promoters, certainly as well as our competitors, who need to be instilled with the confidence and the knowledge that we – as a group, would be making an informed and intelligent decision.

“One of the final factors in my own desire to sanction with the PPL came when I received a personal phone call from Forrest Lucas (founder/owner, Lucas Oil Products), who assured me that his organization would do everything possible to ensure the best programs, overall support and direct communications possible,” he continued. “And quite honestly, that one-on-one contact with the main decision maker solidified my confidence beyond a doubt.”

The East Coast Series consists of top-notch competitors including the most popular classes in the sport. Their annual schedule of events host categories that include: Modified (multi-engine) Tractor, Pro Stock/Super Stock Tractor, Pro Modified Four-Wheel Drive Truck and Super Modified Two-Wheel Drive Truck. For the first time in 2006, select East Coast Series events will also include the sanctioning of Hot Rod Semi Trucks, also featuring some of the biggest names in the sport as well as Limited Pro Stock Tractors.

The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League was created to elevate professional and sportsman truck and tractor pulling to its true potential as a recognized and credible sports, marketing and entertainment entity throughout the United States. Main title rights sponsor of the PPL comes from Corona, Calif.-based Lucas Oil Products, a lubricants technology leader and supplier for automotive, trucking, fleet, motorcycle and marine applications worldwide.

Their co-ownership alignment with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, which will receive valuable exposure through a consortium of cable sports giant ESPN2 and The Outdoor Channel television broadcasts to more than 120-million U.S. households, bolsters their position in the racing community, where they already have a strong presence in top-level organizations including NASCAR, NHRA and many others.

Dixie Chopper, of Coatesville, Ind., is the series’ presenting sponsor, and makers of the “World’s Fastest Lawnmower,” solidified by a huge network of dealers throughout the country. Additional funding comes from major freight facilitator, R&L Carriers of Wilmington, Ohio, whose fleet includes more than 12-thousand tractor/trailer rigs that provide transport service throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Updated news and information can be obtained by calling the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League headquarters at: 812/216-4024.