Crazy People Unite!

Well, as you can all see, Crazy Ppl has gotton a somewhat new look. And if anyone *cough* KIM! *cough* can help me come out with a decent format, I'd be eternally grateful. Countine...

Well, I jsut had a suggestion to have a crazy fic section. So, what does everyone think of the idea? (And this is my chance to see if Kim ever vists...) ^_~

Welcome to the asylum, we hope that you'll join us. See, we're planning a mutiny on the gatekeepers of the insane. We need everyone to join in, or us zanies will be opressed forever!

Would you like to take up this just cause in the name of freedom and wackos everywhere? Or are you just bored? I don't care, just spread the word!

Need to contact us? Just feel like it? Wanna flame us for some obscure reason? We don't care, we both love mail!