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    How many times have you worked hard at organizing a paintball outing, only to have 3 of the promised 15 players show up?  Cincypball is a site designed to allow paintball players of all skill levels in the Cincinnati area to be organized so that large games can be played at a moments notice.  With beginner outings, players who have never played before will be able to play against other players that are also first timers.  This will eliminate "newbie bashing" that scares many players out of the sport.

    Cincypball will allow players to compete on many levels of play, ranging from rec ball at the rental level, to full fledged tournament speedball at the electro and unlimited level.  As our membership grows, local stores will take an interest and discount paint and air will become available to members.  The mission of Cincypball is to aid the growth of the sport, and make certain that players will always have someone to play against.

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