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Picasso Lake Paintball

Winslow Township, New Jersey

Settled in the woods of Tansboro, Winslow Twp., New Jersey, lies Picasso Lake Paintball field. Picasso Lake is a variety of terrains and fields nestled upon 110 wooded acres. There are ten major playing fields with unlimited combinations. Fields such as Desert Storm, Hamburger Hill, or the Trenches provide hours of play and adequate amounts of strategic points.

There are two ways to play at Picasso Lake. First is a rental package which consists of a semi-automatic paintball marker (usually a spyder), face and eye protection, unlimited CO2 fills all day, and 500 rounds of field paint. This package will cost you $60 for the entire day*. The second way to play is using your own equipment. With your own equipment, you will receive entry to all day* play and unlimited CO2 or HPA fills. A refundable deposit is required for your armband. The price is $25 plus a $5 refundable deposit. The good thing about choosing this option is that you may choose to bring your own paint, where other local fields require field paint only.

Lunches can be provided at an additional charge. ALL non-field markers MUST be chronographed at no more than 300FPS.

For contact information:

Please call

1-800-21-F I E L D