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4/10/03 -- Hey guy's It's your old pal, Jen-Chan. For those of you who don't know or don't remember me, I use to work here a looong time ago, just after Ashmoria left. Speaking of which, Ash has also returned to ATII. Yes, Ash... as in the original founder of this lovely little site. But here's the thing... Ash has some other things going on at the moment, and won't offically be back untill May, at the least. Untill then I will be here to take care of everyone's needs.

That's right! There is hope for this site yet. I'm not about to let it go down that easy.

Now, there are gonna be some limatations. Ash and I don't have that much time on out hands, so this site won't be updated as often as we would like. So please bare with us. Some things have been moved around and changed to make this place easier to update. For exsample, we've turned "Yamato online" into a yahoo group. It still has all the same features as before, but now you can post messages yourself.

Some sections have been removed, once more to make updateing easier and to avoid bandwidth troubles.

Anyway, I think that's it. Enjoy my happy little Buffalos!