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"No Autographs, Please."

"Let's waterski home..."

"I knew we'd be OK. I wasn't worried."

"Great, you're a genius."

"No question man, but you are the dude of doodles!"

"What planet did I dial?..."

"Yell a little louder will ya? There are a few people who aren't staring at us!"

"...and now I realize i was never really alone. People like me. They really, really like me!"

"Great, Did anybody bring a helicopter?"

"Has anybody noticed we talk a lot about food?"

"Hey, if we can find a place that'll deliver, let's order pizza!"

"Watch the hair, dude!"

"Unless you're into eating rocks, we don't have too much of a choice."

"I knew I should have brought my bug spray."

"You know? You have no imagination."

"Maybe the monster's having growing pains."

"Here's a thought...know you know why they call 'em sweat socks."

"Yeah, well, at least my cat's not stuck up a tree!"

"Another alien plot, right?" (To Izzy)

"Well, it wouldn't be inviting if you were a vegetable."

"Tai quit acting like a jerk!"

"Come with me T.K"

"Moving right along, folks, Keep it moving. Our next stop on the tour will be the forest of irrelevant road signs. No pictures, please."

"You must look pretty funny with no fur on, Gabumon...*nervous laughter* Haahaa, Thanks."

"I want to use my crest to digivolve me. Not into a Digimon. Y'know make me smarter or stronger, maybe learn something about myself, that sorta thing."

"Joe, nobody knocks at a hotel."

Tai: "Help! Police! My cat is stuck in a tree in Odaiba and i've gotta get there right away so I can get her down!"
Matt: "The police? That's his bright idea? If the police do stop they'll lock him up for disturbing the peace."

"Those monsters don't scare me."

"Man, it's so hot a lizard would need sunscreen."

"That guy reminds me of gym teacher I had once."

"How did we get here? Did we slide through the floppy drive?"

"Man, he has an anger problem!" (about Etemon)

"Enough already with the guilt trip!" (to Tai)

"If I had a black gear sticking out of my back I'd be crazy too, poor guy."

"Who? Frosty the Snow-mon here?"

"Okay, it's official. Palmon's brain is fried. Hey! Earth to Palmon!"

"You have a lot to learn about women, TK."

"Joe sure talks alot..."

"Hey, don't freak me out!!!" (to Gabumon)

"Please Mr. Fujiyama! It would mean so much to T.K. It was the last place where we all lived together before our parents got divorced. It would break his heart." (When they're trying to get to Heighton)

"We believe in you Tai. When you disappeared and we all fell apart and when you came back you brought us all back together. You can do it, Tai."

"Next time why don't you bother someone who can't run very fast?!"

"This job is giving me a killer headache..."

"- Digi-Armor Energize, Huh?"

Matt: "Listen TK, Just Cause I Have A Rock Band Doesn't Mean I Can Hide A Band Of Rocks That Happen To Be Digimon.."
TK: "Well, Think About It, Maybe They Could Be Your Backup Singers"
Matt: "They sound to gravely" Haha, nice Pun!

Jun: "OH! Can I have your autograph?"
Matt: "Sure, What's Your Name?"
Jun: "Just make it to June Motomiya"
TK: "Did you say Motomiya? You wouldn't happen to be Davis's sister, would you?"
Jun: "Yeah, that's right, who are you?"
Matt: "His name's TK, he's my little brother"
TK: "It's nice to meet you June, your little brother Davis and I are in the same class together"
Jun: "Will you sign my shirt, too? I get ALL the cute boys to sign it. you may not know it, but I haven't washed this shirt in two years!"
TK: "There's not a lot of room..."
Jun: "I know, I think all boys are cute"

TK: "Man, what's in this!"
Matt: "It's a secret but I'll tell you ....a little hotsauce, a little wasabi and a mystery meat I found in the refrigerator covered in green fuzz!!!"
TK: "Oh, man I never knew that cooking could make you feel dizzy. *Door Slams* Oh, Dad must be home"


Tai: "For a minute there I thought Mr. Fujiyama was an evil digimon."
Izzy:"I think you've spent way to much time in the Digiworld."
Tai: "Think about it every time you fail a test he'd scream out his attack 'Homework Blaster'!"
Mr Fujiyama: "Actually it's more like tickle blaster."

Izzy: "Tai, you OK?"
Tai: "Well, I have had better days" (After falling out of a tree)

"Matt's a little strange."

"Matt, calm down whats eating you dude?Im on your side. I'll help you get of this island if we have to build surfboards OK?!"


"I have a foolproof plan: First we'll eat something, then after that... I'm open to suggestions!"

"Oh boy. Check out the genius. See. He's trying to call the telephone repair-man because the telephones don't work."

"I don't remember anything like this in the camp brochure."

"You have to learn from your mistakes. I should know, I've made a lot of them."

Tai: "Hi this is Tai is Matt there?"
Matt's Grandma: "Your selling tie's?"
Tai: "No my name is Tai...can I talk to Matt and TK?"
Matt's Grandma: "Those are my grandson's names."
Tai: "Yes, can I talk to them?"
Matt's Grandma: "Yes, just a second." (Hangs up the phone.)

"That's it. Wow." (to Matt on the cliff when Matt's crying)

"AH! What are you? Have you had your rabie shots?" (to Koromon)

"Voila! La mushroom de la babecue! Dey'll be red-ee in justa minoot!"

"Koromon? Is that short for...talking head?"

"They got...bigger..."

"Oh goody. Maybe we get to paint the entire place."

"I'm so sorry. Can you all forgive me?"

"Me. I was enjoying the summer sun while going over my multiplication-tables."

"If one of us gets sick we all get sick. That's teamwork too!..."

"Why? 'Cuz we've almost been eaten 100 times!!"

"Come back here and fight like a Mon!"

"That's Matt. He's too "cool". I mean, just LOOK at that HAIRCUT"

"I don't know what to do when girls get all emotional!!"

"Open it up, it's probably just Spam."

Tai: "That's right, it's all my fault"
Matt: "Tai?"
Tai: "Huh?"
*Matt punches Tai*
Davis: "Hey! Why are you hitting Tai? You're supposed to be friends, and friends don't fight friends, unless their on a boxing team, and that's a whole different thing! Hey!"
TK: "Davis, let them be!"
Matt: "Tai?"
Tai: "Your right"
Davis: "Huh?"
Tai: "Thanks Matt, I need that"
Matt: "Sure, anytime, I'll do it again!"
Tai""I really appreciate that...I know that I was just blaming myself for something that was completely out of my control, and it also doesn't help if I stand around here and feel sorry for myself."

Tai: "What is it, Izzy?"
Izzy: "There's something wrong with me! I think it's your mother's recipes!" *rushes to the bathroom*
Tai: "Look, I hate to tell you 'I told you so', but... I TOLD YOU SO!"

Izzy: "He's really smart! He's only in elementary school and he's already taking classes at colorado state!"
Tai: "So what? I'm in junior high school and i take classes in... junior high school!"

Tai: "I'm sorry we attacked you Agumon!"
Agumon: "I'm sorry too!"
Tai: "I'm sorry that your sorry!"
Agumon: "Well, I'm sorry that your sorry that I'm sorry!"
Tai:"Tell ya what, I won't be sorry anymore, and you don't be sorry either, okay?"
Agumon: "Sorry!"


Joe: "I should of known. What made me think the boats would be running when nothing else is"
Gomamon: "I could be worse, we could be stuck in some crazy.."
Joe: "Please stop saying it could be worse. I have news for you pal, it is worse. The whole world is stuck in turmoil and we're waiting for a ride into town."
Gomamon: "We might as well just give up right now."
Joe: "Well, I wouldn't go that far, after all it could be worse."

Izzy: "We're way to far south"
Joe: "Tell that to the snow"

"Didn't this used to be wall?"

"I used to have a chihuahua named princess."

"My mom is going to want a complete and total refund."

Mr Fujiyama: "What's that? The newest toy all you kids are in to?"
Joe: "No it's just one of the old ones that we all hate."

"If only we could find a payphone nearby. We could call the police, or the fire-department, or my mother."

"I guess Piximon hasn't heard of elevators."

"Gee Tai, why don't you just call him ugly?" (about Etemon)

"Of course, I'm a teenager!" (TO Etemon)

"I don't know what it is, but I'm sure I'm allergic to it."

"Nah, I never eat on an empty stomache."

"I'm alergic to cooking."

"Hi this is Joe, sorry I can't answer my cell phone right now, but I had to turn it off so it wouldn't ring during my biology test, I'm pretty good at biology so I'll turn it back on real soon...unless the test is on molecular biology...oh, I have to go study!"


"I haven't washed a floor since - never!"

"YES! Fried chicken!"

"Nice hair, good color"

Mimi: "I can do this..I really can...Ok..1...2..."
Tai: "Ok that only took 4 minutes!!"

"I've just realized these gloves really don't go with this dress"

"I don't want to fight again, I think I broke a nail"

"I don't walk this much unless I'm at a mall and as you can see we're nowhere near one."

"I knew I should have gone to cheerleading camp!"

"That-is-IT! I want to see the camp psychatrist!"

"Look it's a powder puff with wings!"

"If I won't walk in dirt, what makes you think I'll sleep in it?"

"Oh-oh, he's gone into computer geek mode..."


"If I could take mine apart..." (Digivice)

"What a delightful activity, this activity is really delightful!"

"After careful dilberation, I have decided that it would be a shame to let cuisine go to waste. So... DIG IN GUYS!"

"Could things get any worse?!... Probably"

"Perhaps my definition of weird is different than yours."


"You don't suppose we could trick him into taking us back...?" (About Seadramon)

(Also called the "Izzy Hissy Fit"):
Izzy: "Matt just called and told me what happened with Kari, and I'm really upset you guys have left me out of the loop. Cody called Tai for help and Tai called Matt, but no one ever calls me until the adventure is all over with."
Tai: "C'mon Izzy, don't be like that... there was just no time to call know your a big part of the team"
Izzy: "That's right! And as a team member I expect to be treated with the same respect I give to all of you! I may not be as strong as you or Matt, but I've gotten us out of just as many jams with my particular skills"
Tai: "I'm sorry I didn't call you"
Izzy: "Now that's what I call respect...okay, I forgive you."
Tai: "Wow, that was easy..."


"Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. You can't catch me you can't catch me. Ha ha ha."

"I wanna take him home with me!" (Its Angemon, Raow! Who wouldn't?)

"Big bro, you're the best." (to Matt)

"I haven't been here in a while! It's the same...including the smell of your socks."

"Kari, I care too much about you to just let you give up!" (AhahHAhahHAHhah Takari moment!)

Mr Ishida: "I'm a happy little buffalo!"
Matt: "You've flipped!"
TK: "Don't worry, Dad, He's just not a happy little buffalo!"

Kari: "His smile makes him look so gentle..."
TK: "Yeah, but his hair makes him look kinda like you Kari!" (About Ken)

TK: "HA! A coin that has tails on both sides, that's how I used to beat Matt!"
Davis: "Heh, how about that?"
TK: "Lets both go..."
Davis: "Okay TM...hey, did you really use one of those coins on Matt?"
TK: "Yeah, that's how I got all of my baseball cards and his old guitar."

The Digimon

Gabumon: "Now only if he'd cut his hair." (about Matt)

Gomamon: "You might actually have a sense of humor! Well, maybe not." (to Joe)

Gomamon: "Don't we get points for enthusiasm?"

Biyomon: "Never get between a Digimon and it's dinner..."

Tentomon: "Tentomon digivolve to-oh forget it."

Piedmon: "Welcome to the the dead end, come be a key chain like your friend!!!"

Other People

Gennai: "Trust me I'm the floating, glowing guy."

Etemon: "Quit standing there clapping like a trained seal!"

Piximon: "...They really ARE the digidestined..."

Matt's Dad: "Maybe I'll go on a vacation...I heard the arctic is a nice place to visit, I haven't taken one in 15 years"

Etemon: "Don't forget to tip your waitress!"

Flamedramon: "Would you try to protect me if I was in danger Davis?"
Davis: "Huh? uhh, maybe..."

Greymon: "They don't make control spires like they used to!"

DemiVeemon: "I have a question, if your one of the guys now, does that mean you used to be one of the girls? And how come you never told me about it? I wish you humans would just make up your mind!"

DemiVeemon: "Is their anything in this world that Davis isn't the best at?"
Gatomon: "Yeah! Being modest!"

Davis: "No one ever listens to me!"
Veemon: "What you say?"

Cody: "Just pretend this rope is Spaghetti Bolognase, all you can eat."
Armadillomon: "Mama Mia!"

Guardromon: "I feel as fresh as a daisy!"

Andromon: "I love jigsaw puzzles!"

Armadillomon/Digmon: "Armadillomon armor digivolve to...Digmon, the drill of knowledge, I used to say the drill of power, but I think this makes me sound smarter."

Veemon: "I guess I used too much Vee and not too much headbutt"

DemiVeemon: "I left my dancing shoes at home."


"Why do evil geniuses always have to be so evil?"

"Note to self: think of better way to sneak Upamon out of the apartment"


Willis: "I need to be alone."
Davis: "Great! I'll come with you!"

"Veemon! Tell me right now if you can Digi-volve into Ange-Something too? AngeDinosaurmon, AngeSoccerPlayermon?"

"Next time I tell you to wake me up, be a little quieter so I can get some sleep!"

"Wow, I can feel my heart beating, wait, that's Ken's Heart!"

"Wow, the Digital World comes with it's own wardrobe."

TK: "There are many other types of Digimon"
Davis: "Do they all come from vending machines?"

TK: "Do you need a hand, Davis?"
Davis: "No, I need a team that knows how to pass the ball!"



"Now let's go get that evil cute guy!!"

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