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Just a quick note from your webmistress: Hi, Jen-Chan here. I decided to go and leave this section the way Roisin had left it. But anyway, so yah know that these are her notes and opinions, and not mine.

FULL NAME: Yamato "Matt" Ishida

AGE: General fan opinion is between 10-14, and official is (I think) 11-12

Parents: In Japan their names are Masaharu and Natsuko. In the dubbed version, their names are (??) and Nancy. Matt's father's name is not given, but some people think it may be Malcom.

CREST: Friendship

PERSONALITY: Matt is looked upon as the 'rebel' of the group. At first he acts as if he cares about nothing but himself and maybe his little brother (Takeru "T.K." Takaishi) but only because maybe his mother told him to. He doesn't seem to get along with leader figures as he rarely listens to a word Tai says. They often fight, ripping at eachother's clothes and such. (I didn't mean that in a Taito way...) (Roisin: I did though!)

In the 2nd Episode, 'Garurumon' we are told by Matt that T.K. is his half-brother and that they don't get to see eachother much. This is, in fact, a mess up of the American dubbers. T.K. and Matt are actually full brothers, but their parents are broken up. T.K. went to live with his mother (Natsuko 'Nancy' Takaishi) in a suburb of Tokyo on the other side of the harbour. Matt, on the other hand, lives with his Father in a small flat in Odaiba. Matt's father (Masaharu 'Dubbed name is not mentioned' Ishida) works as a reporter at Tokyo Television. He becomes involved with the digidestined battle when they return to the 'real world' in the Myotismon saga.


TAKERU "T.K" TAKAISHI - You probably already know this one, its pretty obvious, T.K. is Matt's younger brother. As mentioned up^ there, T.K. doesn't live with Matt, and they don't see eachother much. The other kids think that Matt perceives T.K. as a nuisance, but this is not the case. Matt cares alot for his brother and this is shown more and more as the series progresses. Matt crys for T.K. in one episode ('Subzero Ice-Punch') because he is worried for him. As T.K. grows near the end of the series, he tells Matt not to worry so much, this upsets Matt and he runs away. The relationship between these 2 is ultimately cute. Thats all I can say, Cute.

TAICHI "TAI" KAMIYA - Right now you're probably thinking..."WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!" but there is a relationship here. And I'm not just saying this because I'm a Taito supporter, but I really do think there is something there, something more than friendship. That doesn't nesseccarily mean full on Hentai kinda thing, but it could just be deeper than just friendship. This is first shown in the 2nd episode 'Garurumon'. Matt tells Tai that T.K. is only his half-brother (or whatever) and then runs off to play his harmonica, then after all the action happens and Matt is playing his harmonica to T.K., Tai is hiding behind a tree spying/stalking Matt and he has a look on his face that clearly states to me that he is thinking 'How cool' or 'How cute' The next example is in the episode 'Subzero Ice-Punch'. After fighting with Tai over what they should do next, Tai is about to smash Matt in the face, when Matt start bawling and says "Its T.K., he's out there all alone, on some strange island..ect." and Tai says "Thats it! Wow." Ashley brought up a good point before me, and I have a good mind to say it: Why? Why did Matt show his caring, sensitive side about his brother to Tai? Of all people. He could have told Sora, Mimi, Joe, Izzy or for gawd's sake Gabumon, but he chose to say it to Tai. There has got to be a reason, maybe that he feels Tai is comforting him or something.

SORA TAKENOUCHI - AAARRRGGGHHHH!! Don't even mention her name!! *clears throat* OK, Sora, well, I know that ~~major spoiler if you havn't seen the end of 02 yet~~ Matt Marries Sora, but thats in 02, so, I don't think there is much going on between them here. When Matt and Sora talk its usually about Tai or something, and people mainly thought Sora liked Tai anyways. I definitly didn't see any particular 'chemistry' going on here, so i'm not going to comment much on that one.

MIMI TACHIKAWA - I don't really think much of this relationship in terms of boyfriend/girlfriendy stuff, because Matt is a logical and intelligent thinker and Mimi....=isn't. ^_^' No offense to Mimi fans, none at all, in fact I like the way Mimi's character developed, but I just don't see a relationship here. Maybe you've seen the site M2M, a Mimi4Matt site, before it closed down. Or, if it hasn't does anyone know it's new URL?

JOE KIDO & KOUSHIRO "IZZY" IZUMI - I would call this friendship with these 2, pure and simple, no more, no less. Although Matt gets easily irritated with Joe when he gets clumsy. (Check 'WereGarurumons Diner').

GABUMON - If you don't know who Gabumon is...then I don't think you should call yourself a Matt fan. Gabumon is a Digimon. In addition, he is Matt's digimon partner. His forms are:
Baby: Punimon
In Training: Tsunomon
Rookie: Gabumon
Champion: Garurumon
Ultimate: WereGarurumon
Mega: MetalGarurumon
Gabumon helps Matt with his social defects, like wanting to kill Tai.

Season Two Yamato

FULL NAME: Yamato “Matt” Ishida

AGE: 14

CREST: They don't have their crests anymore but he still holds the crest Friendship.

PERSONALITY: Well, this Matt is very different, he's lost the harmonica and now holds with an electric guitar!! YAY!!! He sports his school uniform, greyish-brown coloured pants and brown boot-like shoes. A white shirt and a green over-shirty thing. He has his hair slicked down, and I can't tell if its grown, or has he just brushed that other spikey mess,(Which is a good mess, not a bad mess!!!). Matt does some stupid things in this series like dates Sora, and later, gets married to her and gets a scary square jaw and short short hair. *gulp*.
Letsee, I said I'd add ore to this when the second half of Digimon 02 came to New Zealand, but it never did. So let me see what I can't remember about him.
He and Tai are the best of friends now, and they told Yolei (I think) not to stop T.K. and Davis fighting because that's why he and Matt are such good friends. I think in the same episode or one around that time, Tai keeps saying things like "It's no use" and "It's all my fault!" So Matt punches him to get him back to his senses.
Matt doesn't like Davis in the beginning because Davis disses his older sister, but then Jun 'June' Motomiya stalks Matt and he gets creeped out.