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None of these images belong to me. They belong to the people listed in the credits (see below). And there aren't very many 02 pics yet either. Hopefully I can get hold some more, i'll ferret around the web for some, hopefully people will be kind enough to give a poor fangirl some drooling material.

Well, I just found something! The first link to The Digimon ScreenShot Archive doesn't work. At all. So I can't help there but I'm leaving it because it's the credit that counts. And also, J-Chans Kawaii Anime Character Shrine, that seems to be gone or something too. Also, Izzy's Prodigious Screencaps has closed down....So no links here.

The Digimon Screenshot Archive

J-Chan's Kawaii Anime Character Shrine

Izzy's Prodigous Screencaps

Yeehaw! Ryo-Ohki246 was kind enough to donate the following screenshots to ATII...Take em and die!

Have Screen shots or pictures? Like to give them here? No? Darn! No seriously, if you have any pictures or screenshots we could use, please, give them here! If you do, don't hestitate to send them to me, The WebMistress, Jen-Chan, at: Please do not send me any stolen fan art because I will not post it. ^_~