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Serving your Ishida needs since January 6, 2000

Welcome to the DigiWorld’s to the one, the only: Yamato "Matt" Ishida. And, c’mon folks, when it comes to Matt, what’s not to love? Here we literally do embrace all that is Ishida, Including art, fan fiction, screen shots, our own Yamato fan club and all the info my obsessive hands can get a hold of. So feel free to look around, submit something, join the fan club or just spend long hours staring at Matt related things. Either way, enjoy yourself!

What planet did I just dial... --Matt

What's new at All That Is Ishida A.K.A. What I got off my lazy butt to update on a weekly basis pretty much what the title says. You can find everything you possibly would want to know about Matt Some very kawaii fanart pics of Matt drawn by you, the fans. fan generated stories with Matt as a main character, and/or derectly involving Matt. Little words of wisdome from everybody's favourite DigiDestined. A mix of his more funny and emotional moments (; tons of Yama pics that I've accumulated everywhere on the net. Enter at own risk... My fanclub for all Yamato lovers of the world. Free, fun and simple. Come join the insanity A page where I keep the awards that my little webpage has won. Thanks to all for the support! Links to other Matt sites on the net. *g* There's a lot of them! If you've got a site and it's not here, please tell me.

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