the wonderful world of

mandyyy rawkkksss

under construction.

SIGN THE GUESTBOOK OR DIE! and have a nice day =D

i've been working on html and stuff..enjoy the gradual new looks.

i added a poetry page. too lazy to look? yeah i know.

lmfao i made a crappy aol page today.

im gonna be starting up a new website called sullen dreams look for it soon.

i had fun at see below.

i am feeling The current mood of at

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off my planet NOW!

visit these sites:the home of cheese and the home of all that is sporkified

my palace stuff..


see, im not a total bitch

mm cheese..dotcom!

clowns are the tools of the devil.

one vegetarian you don't wanna meet in a dark alley

poets rawk

[big ego? nah.]

[i'm not stupid!]