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Filming on the LU & DLR...

The London Underground and Docklands Light Railway has been used as a backdrop for many films such as Sliding Doors, Superman, Mission Impossible, The End of the Affair, Billy Elliot, The Bill and Eastenders.

The Bill - Did you see it?

On the BILL (Tuesday 20/02/01) PC Dave Quinnan ran across Shadwell DLR station and then appeared magically in Bank Underground station at the Docklands Light Railway platform chasing after his wife who you see come down the escalator, from the Monument end of Bank/Monument station. She gets on a DLR train without him. Later in the same episode PC Polly Page, PC Tony Stamp, PC Dave Quinnan and PC Vicky Hagen all arrive at Shadwell DLR station in a police car and a police van only to be magically transported to the DLR platforms at Bank again! The team of four split up and await the arrival of a train which has the "make-up" destination ‘Brunswick'. All four get on a DLR train except for PC Dave Quinnan who remains on the platform. I am not sure whether they use the DLR arrival platform and then go into the Bank head shunt which would return them to Bank. It then switches to a hospital scene as all the police officers who got on the train were assaulted by a gang of youths!

Stations such as Tooting Bec and Balham on the Northern Line are more normally used as backdrops to street filming.