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News & Facts Page


Here is a Hammersmith & City Line train snapped with itís red nose on the day after, Saturday the 17th March at Paddington heading east towards Edgware Road.

'Dr Who' has landed in front of Earl's Court tube station!

The new police box became operational on Thursday the 18th of April 1996. It is located out side Earlís Court underground station. It has been installed to enable the public to reach local police at the touch of a button. The police box was built at LU's Lillie Bridge works. Originally police boxes disappeared in 1969.

Do you know what T.A.R.D.I.S means?


Disused lift at Gloucester Road station

This is one of the two disused lift shafts at Gloucester Road station (Piccadilly Line level). It is now used for the storage of equipment.

Changing trains on the Waterloo & City Line?

There are unconfirmed plans being made to change the rolling stock on the Waterloo & City line. It is proposed to move the 1992 stock currently on the Waterloo & City line to the Central line and replace them with the trains in the picture below which are seen here currently stored long term in Hainault Depot. London Underground say they are giving the proposals consideration. Will we ever get the truth?

Gets SONIA-nurves!

Sonia is the nick-name that train operators give the in car destination announcer. On Saturday 30th December 2000 SONIA, on the Central Line still claimed that at Liverpool Street you can change to British Rail services. It should be National Rail services. It just shows how Automatic Train operation has taken over all other jobs. Notice that at Holborn the Automatic Train Operation zone ends. You can see this near the Train Operators Information board (heading towards Oxford Circus). There is a giant white 'A' on a red background with a black line through it.

Have you got the time?

The clock above is similar to the clocks on the platforms at Gants Hill station. The station at Gants Hill was ready before the war but was delayed in opening because of it by some years.