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Shadwell station

The East London Railway opened the original station on the 10th April 1876. On the 1st July 1900 the station was renamed to 'Shadwell & St. George-in-the-East' but in 1918 the name was reverted to 'Shadwell'. In 1983 a new ticket hall, served by lifts was built serving Cable Street.

Lifts and low level passageways lead down from a street level ticket hall to two single platforms.

Decorated panels hide water seepage problems which plagues similar stations on the East London Line. Victorian buttresses and grilles span the tall retaining walls at the northern end of the two single platforms.

You can see the original station building in Watney Street which remains intact.

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(1) Shadwell at platform level

(2) Shadwell at platform level

(3) Shadwell at platform level

Shadwell lower lift landing

Fire system control panel

Shadwell street level building

Shadwell DLR bridge

The 1876 original station