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Holborn (closed platform)

Open & Closed. (Photo: Hywel Williams)

The unused platform 5 is still visible today through closed gates alongside Platform 4 (North bound Piccadilly) and served the shuttle between Holborn and Aldwych which was discontinued in 1994. The platform is still kept in very good condition and has changed little from when it was closed. There are six white boards on the track side wall which serve as screens for a new prototype video projection advertisement system which is being tested on the platform, the projectors themselves are housed in aluminium casings above the platform pointing at the white screens. The projectors switch off automatically as a train approaches and then switch on again as the train departs using the same system that is used on other platforms to turn the "mind the gap" announcements on and off.

This is the Holborn platform that remained in use until closure in 1994. Facing South towards Aldwych, before 1994. (Photo: Pendar Sillwood)

This picture looks back towards Holborn in the crossover between the two tunnels. The tunnel on the left is currently being used by the National Grid. (Photo: Pendar Sillwood)

This shows the old passageway between platform 4 and platform 5. Platform 5 is straight ahead of the camera. (Photo: Hywel Williams)

If you had turned right in the picture on top of the one above then you would of come to the top of this staircase. (Photo: Hywel Williams)

This is platform 5 showing detail of the projectors, above head level. (Photo: Hywel Williams)

Now see Aldwych at the other end...