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1960 Stock Profile (Cravens Unit)

The 1960 stock was made by Cravens Ltd of Sheffield.

Externally, unpainted aluminium was used and fluorescent lighting used internally originally. The units were used on the Woodford - Hainault branch for the testing of ATO (Automatic Train Operation). These trains were built as samples of what could of been a much larger fleet for the Central Line.

DM 3901 and 3905 were converted into a ‘Track Recording Train’ at BREL Derby and are now listed as pilot motors L132 and L133. On the 10th July 1986 they were taken by road to BREL Derby. When used as the test bed for ATO they were also abbreviated as FACT (Fully Automatic Control of Trains). There is also a 'Heritage' unit (painted red) and is seen in the pictures below.

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