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Cockfosters station

Cockfosters station is basically a sub-surface ticket hall which has street level access from both sides of Cockfosters Road leading down to two island platforms which has three sets of tracks. Cockfosters station was opened on the 31st of July 1933 as the terminus of northward extension of the Piccadilly Line from Oakwood. The surface buildings are merely low brick structures, which have two small towers, with a pole-mounted roundel, attached to each.

These buildings along with the timber bus shelter and bus stand on the opposite side of the road give staircase access down to a large ticket hall. The ticket hall leads straight on to the platforms. The southern ends of the platforms are in the open air with the central bay being served by both platforms. There is also large clock on an orange background above the buffers of the central bay.

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Platform 4 & 3

Platform 1

Clock and platform indicator

Centre bay track buffer