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Information and monthly reports


I am very pleased to announce that our group is going to get back in the field and do more investigations!!! If you have been a follower of our hunts you know that there has been nothing new posted hear for around 3 years, but we are again negotiating hunts for 2006!!

I will be working hard on getting everything here up to date and results from our investigations posted quickly. The excitement is tipping the scales!! Once again thankyou all for your continued support in our group. .

March 2006

Dave has compiled a list of haunts for us to start out our 2006 journey.. The excitement is mounting each day as we begin to dicuse about the places the have been listed by Dave and some of our old investigation sites that we will be going to again. We also have some more news... We may be getting a new member! Jess will be tagging along on our investigations this year and we all hope to have her as a permanant member. I believe in her abilitys as a sencesory and have witnessed them first hand. She will be a good addition to our group.

April 2004

Well to the close followers to this website we apologize for the long since update, but to tell you the blatent truth we haven't been doing much investigating. We have been more so just scouting out potentially new ghost hunts for the summer of 2004.

The winter ghost hunts that we have performed showed little or no prevail. This summer shows some promising leads to new hunts as the Tombinvestigators become more known in the area, people are coming forward with there stories and wanting us to investigate. We shall see what we find.

Well I hope to adding some new pics soon, but we all know its up to the ghosts for us to be able to do so.

November 2003

Not a particularly exciting month for our group. All our pictures taken this month have had little or no activity results. We have scouted a few new places for possible hunts and the outlook for activity is good, maybe the month of December will hopefully hold better results of ghostly activity.

We have gotten word of two places that we may hunt the second weekend of December. One is an old sunken graveyard where most of the stones have sunk into the earth and many reports of activity are coming from the site. We have been called to investigate this promplty.

The second site is of the same area in Minnesota and we will be investigating this polly the second week of December also. It's an old childrens mental hospital and we have full permission to investigate the area and its buildings... Should be an interesting hunt. None of our crew has done something of this magnitude before so we hope this will be some good experierence for the group. We only have a daytime time slot for this hunt so will end up scouting it the same day for the hunt.

Word has it this place is highly powerful and dangerous, but I and the group wonder if its actually ghosts or could it be just the "impressions" of the children who may have suffered there. Well thats why we have been called to investigate. So check back soon to see what happens on this subject.

October 2003

Its new Website month!!! I have been working my big pahtootie off trying to get this website up and rolling, I promised you guys it was coming, and it is here. So if you find anything that doesn't work than send me an email. With my limited skill on web building there is bound to something wrong that I have over looking for like the past year.

We got our new web page built, but unfortunatly we don't have to many new pictures for you to look at. There are some, but we have not gotten any extreme contact photos for quite sometime (its all upto the spirits themselves if they want to show). We either been unsussesful in our hunts or we can't seem to gather the crew for long enough to complete a hunt. Thats why there are few pictures to choose from, but we will never give up. In fact we are planning an all night hunt at our most visited cemetery (Zions). We would still like to get the ghost gate in another picture, that has been one our goals for a long time. Depending on what the other members have to say I think we will keep hunting at this cemetery, maybe we can figure out the mystery to why there is so much activity in a half acre plot.

We did manage recently to get a small hunt in on October forth, but at this moment still waiting for film developing to happen, so hopefully we captured something. I tell ya the energy out there was tremendous, it felt like everyone in the cemetery came out to greet us cause they haven't seen us in a long time. Upon our arrival there the car stereo turned itself up! These ghosts wanna rock & roll I tell ya. After getting the livin buhjesus scared out of us cause we weren't expecting that so we turned it down, it went right back up, then we turned it down again, it stayed that way for a minute then went back up, then we turned in down again.. and finally that was over... we didn't take a lot of photos cause there was something just not right about being there. It really felt like we were interupting something, what? I don't but snapped a few pics and left. Of course when we got back in the car the music volume was where we left it, but as soon as everyone sat down in the car the music went ROCK OUT mode again. So we wrestled with that until it stopped. Since it was Chuck's car he is going to get back with the group on if it was a mechanical problem in his stereo.

We went to St. John's cemetery after that. You can see that St. John's is a new place we have been hunting. The Cemetery itself is pretty peacefull, but there is one corner of it that the energy is real strong. Chuck and I both walked through that area one night and the power there was emence we both developed a gut ache and a headache while walking through the area, but on the other side of the grounds it is probably the most peacefull place on the planet, we spent hours just sitting, not doing any hunting but sitting there and enjoying the full moon night along with the others that may be there as well. There are few pictures simply cause have snapped countless rolls of film there and only got results on what you see in the photo page.

!!UPDATE!! The explained events that happened on our October 4th hunt, has been deemed a mechanical failuer of Chucks stereo, just odd timing. Also the October 4th pictures that were taken came back with little or no activity on them, infact most of the roll was blank for some reason, I am checking the camera over that took these blank photos. On October 17th Chuck and I went out to Zions and snapped 10 photos, one which came back with activity and is posted on the site, and two which have not yet been developed. The group as a whole is talking about an overnite stay at Zions on October 31, 2003. (has no accordance with Halloween) If this hunt occurs you can read about it in the November monthly report (above)and hopefully see some new pictures of activity.

WHEW!!!! This has been a big month for us, we have not been hunting for a long time and we all hope that this breath of fresh air lasts forever (and I have an internet connection for longer than 3months LOL). Hopefully, November awaits us with large amounts of ghostly activity.

(End October Monthly report)

Post your ghost story!

Just a reminder to anyone that has a good ghost story that they wanna post on the site, just E-mail me the story at and I will post it or you can just type it in the guest book area to, whatever you wish to do. Thanks for visiting The Tomb Investigators Website. We wish you Happy and Safe Hunting!