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Akitsa (4/2001)

Akitsa is a quite young band from Québec, Canada. Their debut demo "Totale Servitude" offers pure primitive black metal in it's most nihilistic and misantrophic form. The demo was a great positive surprise to me and I was very interested in hearing the bands own opinions on different things, so here's an interview with O.T.


Greetings! Akitsa is still quite unknown to many people, could you start by telling us a bit about the band?
-Akitsa is a band (2 memebers:O.T. & Néant) from Québec. All started in 1999. We are raw, primitive Black Metal. Until now Akitsa have released a demo rehearsal which was re-released on CDR by AFP. We are currently working on our next release called "Goétie". Also coming up (maybe is already out) we have a split cassette with Song Of Melkor.

On your homepage you say that you have played in many bands before Akitsa. Can you tell us shortly about these bands?
-These projects were not serious. Most of them were involving me and Néant sometimes with other members. We were not satisfied with the result of these past recordings so most of them have not been distribute except to some tape traders.

What does Black Metal mean to you?
-Black Metal is war.

Your demo is very grim, misantropic and hopeless. Do you feel your life to be a complete suffering or does your music represent only a part of what you feel?
-Life is complete suffering. The world is stagnant. Society is guide by the economy. We have no freedom!

What do think about using drugs, mutilaion or suicide?
-No comments.

Are you satisfied with "Totale Servitude", or will there be lots of developement in your music in the future? What kind of feedback have you received?
-We are really satisfied with the demo. The new material until now sound different but it's still primitive. Most of the comments I have heard are good.

I haven't seen your lyrics anywhere and I suppose they are in French so I wouldn't even understand them, but what do they deal with?
-All our lyrics are in French and we won't write in another language in the future. Our lyrics deal with the dark side of life such as despair, nihilism, pollution, misanthropy, suicide, etc.

Your opinions on the modern society? What kind of world would you like to live in?
-The modern society is too much superficial. People just care about how much money they win, how they look like, etc. It's the same thing in the Black Metal scene. Some Black Metallers pay crazy prices to get clothes to look like a "cool"/"real" black metallers. Also the society (at least here) is 100% driven by the economy/money. The government don't care at all about the environment as long as they make money which I find totally intolerant.

In your biography you say that the only solution that is left is Black Metal terrorism. Could you specify what you mean by Black Metal terrorism?
-Black Metal terrorism is making negative propaganda towards our society using black metal as wagon. Black Metal terrorism caused murder, suicide, church burning, grave desecration, assault, etc. This ideology is mainly influenced by The Grey Wolves' Cultural Terroritst Manifesto.

Your philosophy is not the most satanic and neither is it really national socialistic or pagan. What do you think of Satanic Black Metal today, or NSBM? What is wrong or good with the current black metal scene?
-You are right. Akitsa is not satanic nor pagan. I must say that we are proud to be from Québec and being French speaking. The Black Metal scene is now more than divided at my opinion. I think what is truly wrong right now is that Black Metal have been commercialised and that people associate subhumans like Mystic Circle, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc with Black Metal. As for NSBM I think that this scene still spread hatred and Black Metal is all about that but I don't agree with their views.

What bands have inspired you most? What bands do you consider worthy from today's black metal scene?
-Our inspiration are bands like Burzum, Ildjarn, Beherit, Throbbing Gristle, Bethlehem, Darkthrone, etc. As for worhty bands in today scene I enjoy Puissance, Haat, Empyrium, The Syre, Bethlehem, Survival Unit, Sortsind, Gontyna Kry (especially "Welowie"), etc.

There is more in your music than just Black Metal. Do you listen to a lot of other kinds of music?
-We listen to different types of music like Death Industrial, Classic, Power Electronics, Neo-Classical, Dark Ambient, etc.

You have a very well designed homepage and there's tons of information on Black Metal on the internet. Do you think this has a good or bad influence on Black Metal in general?
-Good and bad. It's easier to spread your music to the people all over the world but the bad side is that any morons that know nothing about True Black Metal can get informations about the underground.

What kind of plans do you have for the future? What kind of releases can we expect? Will there be any vinyl releases?
-Out really soon (maybe out now) is our split cassette with Song Of Melkor. Also our our next album "Goétie" will be out soon on AFP (CDR version) and Heavy-Distortion (cassette version). I hope that we will have some material on vinyl one day but nothing is sure yet.

Anything you would like to add?
-Paul, Thanks for this interview. By the way AKITSA "Totale servitude" CDR is available for 30 FIN (Finland)/5$ (Europe)/6$ (World) from:

c/o J. Niemi
Ridasjärventie 50
05450 Nukari


For more info check out Akitsa's Homepage