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In Memory of Amanda Raymond

On Wednesday, The 27th of June. 13 year old, Amanda Raymond, passed away on an island on Puslinch Lake. Police believe she died of a drug and alcohol use. Amanda called her mother on Tuesday night saying she was going to a party in Cambridge. Her mother not being able to stop her from going let her go. "Be carefull, and don't get into trouble". "Ok, Mom, I love you, see you tomorrow".

Amanda didn't come home the next day. Amanda was at a party that lasted all night long. Police believe they were smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. The other girls at the party, aged 16-20, Said Amanda passed out the next morning. They checked on her a couple of times during the day. During that time police believe Amanda was sexually assaulted by Christopher Watts, The owner of the cottage on the Island. Watts said he was asked to get some drugs for the girls. He declined, he said, but a couple days later he told the media he did give them a painkiller. He said he checked on her at 5:00pm. He said she moved when he tickled her feet. But while he was out, he got a phonecall from the girls at the cottage. They said Amanda wasn't breathing and she had a little blood coming out of her nose. A boy witness said he saw a few girls throw something into the lake that burst into flames. They never found that. Amanda was pronounced dead at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital later that night. Amanda's mother was notified at 3:00 am. There was a warrant of arrest for Christopher Watts, He was found at Union Station in Toronto about five weeks after Amanda's death.

Amanda's attended Margaret Avenue Public School for Jr. High. She had many friends and allways wore a smile. She took good care of her little sister.

Amanda lived down the street from me. In grade 1 and 2 we were close friends. We would climb trees, go biking, have races, water gun fights, and visit Mr. Wahl on the corner. He would make neat things out of wood and give them to us.

I saw her only a week before she died, Walking her little sister down the street in a buggy, big smile on her face and her little sister laughing at the u-turns.

Edited: January 18, 2018
I still remember Amanda. So many years have passed. I often think of her mother and her family. Always wishing the best for them. It has been so many years.

May her memory live on, may her family find comfort, may she Rest In Peace.