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Time For Lightspeed

Original Airdate: October 2001

It begins on a dark and stormy night in a dark and deserted graveyard. It’s a perfect set-up for a monster who is about to rise from the dead with a horde of evil minions. The monster is Vypra and the minions are some dark, strange looking guys no one’s ever seen before.

Vypra’s first order of business is to get revenge on the Power Rangers. The tool she needs to do that is at the Silver Hills Museum. She goes there alone that very night to get it. She uses her magic to make her hand able to slip through solid objects and reaches through a glass case to get a amber colored amulet known as the Solar Amulet. Unfortunately, she is unable to pull the amulet back through the glass, so she is forced to leave it. Not only that, but her actions have set off the museum’s silent alarm. So, when Vypra exits the museum, she finds Eric and the Silver Guardians waiting for her. Eric tells her that she’s trespassing on private property. Vypra tells him that she goes where she wants to, then she blasts all of the Silver Guardians off their feet before disappearing into the night.

As the Guardians get back on their feet, the Time Force Rangers arrive to help them out. Wes asks Eric who attacked him. Eric says he doesn’t know. As the otherr Time Force Rangers help the Guardians do a perimeter search, Wes looks up at the sky and says he has a bad feeling about this.

Later, at Ransik’s prison, Nadiera is awakened by the sound of an intruder. She wakes up Ransik and they both go to investigate it. They find Vypra, who asks Ransik to help her steal the Solar Amulet. She goes on to explain that with the Amulet, she’ll be able to summon a mighty demon named Quarganone when the sun is in perfect alinement with the stars. Ransik asks her why would he help her summon a demon when he has a prison full of mutants. Vypra says that her demon can do what no mutant can-destroy the Rangers. That gets Ransik interested.

The next evening, the Time Force Rangers set up a stake out outside the museum, waiting for the thieves from last night to come back. Ransik, Nadiera, and some Cyclobots materialize in front of the museum, then walk in. The Time Force Rangers move in to intercept them, but they are soon intercepted by Vypra and her demon minions. Vypra is surprised to see that there are other Rangers besides the Lightspeed Rangers. She orders her warriors to destroy them.

Meanwhile, inside the museum, the Cyclobots shut off the security alarm and open the Solar Amulet’s case. Ransik takes the Amulet and then leads his possie out of the museum. They join Vypra just in time to see her warriors clobber the Time Force Rangers. Ransik shows Vypra the Amulet, then the villains leave.

The bruised Time Force Rangers are wondering who Ransik’s new friends are, when a familiar black and yellow Rescue Rover rolls into the museum parking lot and a familiar brown-haired young man steps out. He introduces himself as Carter Grayson, Red Lightspeed Ranger.

At the Clock Tower, Carter explains Vypra’s plan to the Time Force Rangers. Jen asks how they are supposed to beat a super demon. Carter says it won’t be easy, but he has some friends who can help. He calls up the other Lightspeed Rangers.

Since their Ranger days, the Lightspeed team has been doing pretty well for themselves. Dana has become a doctor, Kelsey is still participating in extreme sports, Chad is now a life guard at the beach, and Joel has just gotten married to Ms. Fairweather. But all imeaditly drop what they’re doing to battle evil once again. (Joel with some reluctance. He was on his on his way to Hawaii with his new wife.)

Carter and Wes find Vypra, Ransik, and company in an abandoned subway station. Vypra is in the middle of summoning Quarganon when Carter attacks her and takes the Amulet from her. He and Wes high-tail it back to the Rescue Rover and drive away. Vypra chases them in her Vyquari and blasts their engine, forcing them to stop. Both she and Ransik corner the two Red Rangers. Carter threatens to smash the Amulet, but the Nadiera and Vypra’s demons show up dragging Jen, Kaite, Trip, and Lucas. In return for their release, Carter gives Vypra back the Solar Amulet.

Vypra finishes her spell and summons Quarganon. She orders the super demon to take out all six Rangers, but before he can, Chad, Joel, Kelsey, and Dana arrive to help out. “Ten Rangers?” Ransik says. “No problem.”

Ten, however, becomes twelve when Ryan and Eric show up. Both Lightspeed and Time Force Rangers morph and take on Vypra and her demons. (Ransik and Nadiera must have turned chicken and ran off). Dana, Jen, Ryan, Eric, Kaite, Kelsey, Joel, Trip, Lucas, and Chad easily take out Vypra’s dark warriors, but Wes and Carter are beat up by Vypra and Quarganon. That is soon fixed as soon as the two Red Rangers are joined by Eric, Joel, and Chad in Mega Battle mode. Wes summons his Battle Fire armor and Carter summons his Trans-Cycle armor. The five Rangers combine their fire power and with one shot blast Vypra and Quarganon into oblivion. (So much for the demon princess and her super demon.)

Back at the Clock Tower, Jen thanks the Lightspeed Rangers for their help. Then all of the Time Force Rangers(except for Eric, he’s not there) give the Lightspeed Rangers Time Force uniforms. The Lightspeed Rangers return the favor by giving the Time Force Rangers their Lightspeed jackets. “You got the jackets,” says Carter, “now do the dance.” The Time Force Rangers do the Lightspeed morph. The scene cuts to the streets of Silver Hills where the Time Force Rangers, on their Vector Cycles, are escorting the Lightspeed Rangers, in the Rescue Rover, back to Mariner Bay.



It was cool to see the Lightspeed Rangers again and to see what they were up to.

The Time Force Rangers doing the Lightspeed morph. That was funny.


Unfortunatly, there were a lot of bad stuff in this ep. For one thing it was rushed big time and the fights were way too short. They should have made it a two part episode.

Quarganon and Vypra were defeated way way too easily. It should have taken more than one shot from five Rangers to take them out. For crying out loud, Quarganon was supposed to be a super demon. And he gets obliterated just like that?

It wasn’t at all logical for Vypra to be the returning villain. She was absorbed be Banshera and for all we know Banshera is still being tortured in the shadow realm. A more logical choice would have been Jinxer. He could have survived the Omega Megazord explosion, plus if he were there, he could have made Quarganon grow and we could have had a zord fight.

The team-up with Vypra and Ransik was totally unnecessary. Vypra didn’t need him. He and his cohorts didn’t do any fighting and besides, Vypra didn’t need them to get the Amulet. If she couldn’t make it go through the glass, she should have just broken the glass and gotten it that way.

Overall rating: 5 out of 10

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